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The Ultimate Martech Checklist for Optimizing Your Marketing Technology Stack

At last official count, Scott Brinker, CEO of ChiefMartec.com shared that there were over 7,040 types of martech on the market, and the average enterprise uses over 1,000 cloud services across all departments. Brinker maintains that the decentralization of martech has created a post-platform era. “The dream of one-suite-to-rule-them-all has been superseded by a vision of many open platform-like tools being woven together in a more dynamic fashion. Some will be big, foundational platforms; many will be small, specialized platforms. All of them will give more power to marketers to shape their craft in a digital everything world.”

Martech Stack Orchestration

In much the same way that sales, marketing and technology must be aligned in order to achieve business goals, individual martech tools must also align and work together — this is known as martech stack orchestration. Like a musical orchestra, each system, tool and platform serves as an instrument that the CMO (the conductor) must lead his marketing ops team (the musicians) to skillfully wield in order to create the kind of revenue generating customer journeys that are music to the ears of the CEO and shareholder’s (the audience).

Choosing Martech That Aligns With Goals

Every marketing ops department has a unique martech stack. However, regardless of the pieces that comprise the stack, all are in place for one purpose: to create a performance driven environment that fosters the achievement of big picture business objectives. If you are like most marketers, you evaluate your stack every six months to ensure it is on course to meet both short- and long-term goals. To help you choose technical seo tools that align with your marketing mission, we recommend you use our Ultimate Martech Checklist. Comprehensive and brand-neutral, the Ultimate Martech Checklist enables you to weigh your needs and wants and compare solutions without losing focus (hello, shiny object syndrome) on what’s important to you and your team.

The Ultimate Martech Checklist


What overall business goal(s) will this solution help us meet? (List all that apply)


What are the sales and marketing issues that it solves? (List all that apply)


Will this solution integrate seamlessly with the other tech in my stack?

If yes, are the integrations pre-built or will I need IT’s help?

Is there an opportunity to build integrations if pre-built integrations are
not available?


What processes performed by this solution can be automated?

What manual steps are required in order for my team to use this solution?


What types of data will this solution gather?

How can the data from this solution be used?

What type of data does the solution use, i.e. first-party, second-party, third-party?


What metrics are used to measure the overall performance of the website?

What metrics will demonstrate its impact on business objectives?

How are insights gleaned and shared?

Does the solution provide real-time reporting capabilities?


Does this solution have cross-channel capabilities?

If yes, are the capabilities built-in or do they require additional tools
and integrations?


How does the solution secure customer and business data?

What happens if there is a breach?


Does the solution require training?

If yes, how is it provided, on-site or online?


If there is an issue, how are problems resolved?

What is the average timeline for resolving an issue?

How is ongoing maintenance performed?


What companies are currently using this solution?

How are they using the solution? (case studies)


What is the initial investment required?

What are the ongoing costs?

Are there other costs that need to be considered?

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