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Centralize Data Access and Visibility

If you want to use data to drive company goals forward, you need the ability to view and monitor your data's quality. When you connect your data sources to a marketing ops dashboard, you gain a centralized view of data throughout your enterprise. More importantly, it enables you to make significant improvements to your data quality, which in turn leads to greater campaign success.

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View and Act on Data Changes as They Happen

Being able to see what's going on with your data on a macro (big picture) and micro (segment) level in real-time is critical to your ability to respond to the insights, issues and opportunities your data reveals.

  • According to MIT, bad data costs organizations as much as 25% of total revenue
  • 50% of newly acquired data has errors that can negatively impact campaign performance

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Enhance Campaign Performance By Optimizing Data

Ensure the data you use to personalize campaigns is clean, complete, standardized and enriched with the datasets you need to drive measurable results.

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  • 47% of new data collected by companies has one or more critical errors
  • 57% of business leaders cite data quality and completeness as their biggest marketing challenge
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Set Data Protocols Across Data Sources

Uphold data regulations and protect customer privacy and sensitive company information by controlling user access to customer and business data from a central access point.

  • 53% of organizations have 1,000 or more files with sensitive data open to all
  • 59% of organizations are currently meeting all GDPR requirements

Benefits of the Marketing Ops Dashboard

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Total Visibility

Gain a complete and unbiased view of all the contacts and companies residing in your marketing database. Know the source of all information and identify overlaps.

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Marketability Score

Analyze your ability to market to contacts across a variety of channels. Use your marketability score to measure reach, meet goals, and make projections.

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Data Quality

Rank the quality of your database across multiple marketability metrics, including email, address, phone, etc. Integrate data tools to validate and append missing data.


Know the Score

Convert database information into compelling graphs and insights that reveal your company's marketability, data quality, ideal customers, and more.

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Keep Leaders Informed

Condense key metrics into visually engaging graphs and charts you can share with stakeholders and decision-makers.

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Measure Performance

Identify trends and measure database improvements and growth. Establish baselines and benchmarks for critical measurements and track progress over time.

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