Solutions: Martech Assessments

Optimize Your Martech Utilization and Investment 

Get an unprecedented and detailed understanding of your martech stack and its utilization. Our founder’s 20+ years of industry leadership and our team of martech experts, are skilled in assessing and fine-tuning marketing stacks to be more efficient and effective at achieving marketing goals.


Top 3 Benefits of a Martech Assessment


#1 - Optimize your martech investment.

Our assessment ranks the functions and capabilities of every tool in your martech ecosystem, as well as your current usage, and compiles it into an easy-to-understand report. This allows you to:

  • See the strengths and weaknesses of each tool
  • Identify gaps and eliminate overlaps
  • Determine if your usage is worth your investment

#2 - Improve your martech usage.

According to Gartner, nearly a third (27%) of companies are seeing a significant decline in the ROI of their martech. Our tech-agnostic assessment helps you sidestep this trend via a color-coded score for each tool that shows:

  • Capabilities you are missing out on in tools you own
  • Which tools are not contributing to performance 
  • Usage recommendations for tools with identical features

#3 - Align martech for peak performance.

Our mission is to help you take what you already have, optimize it to perform well, and empower your people to use it to its full potential. Upon completing your assessment, you will receive:

  • Martech Maximizer Report — Filled with strategic insights, this report shows you how well your martech tools support your marketing efforts, and includes a:
    - Data Flow Diagram - Learn how each tool is impacting your data processes.
    - Economic Value Score — Know the ROI of each tool in your martech ecosystem.
    - Business Impact Score — Determine whether a tool is a keeper or a loser.
  • Expert Recommendations — Get actionable insights on how to maximize your martech’s performance.

Ready to optimize your martech investments?

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