content automation Use Case: Martech Integrations

Optimize Operations Through Better Integrations

Integration frustration is the plague of modern martech stacks, where an ever-expanding collection of diverse tools are cobbled together and require numerous manual steps to deliver basic functionality. Sureshot equips your stack with intelligent integrations that enable you to orchestrate how data is received, shared and used throughout your enterprise.

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Empower Best of Breed Tools to Work Together

Connect a diverse array of systems and apps with plug-and-play ease, and more importantly, without having to use spreadsheets or request IT’s help. Sureshot integrations give you the power to orchestrate the journey of your data as it moves through your martech ecosystem.

  • 80% of marketing execs introduce between one and five new technologies to their stack each year
  • 53% of marketing leaders say integration with external systems is more important than ease of use (51%), breadth of features (40%), and operating costs (36%)

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Automate Workflows for the Win

Eliminate manual steps and streamline processes by building fully automated workflows that foster collaboration across your enterprise. Recover time, boost morale and slay goals by freeing your marketing operations teams to focus on more important projects.

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  • 26% of marketers say identifying the right technologies for their needs is a top challenge
  • 76% of companies that implement marketing automation generate a return on their investment within the first year
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Create a Seamless Customer Experience

Manage your customer’s experience throughout their journey and across various apps through integrations that create a seamless experience. Ensure that regardless of the channels your customers use to connect, their journey and your messaging is well-orchestrate and consistent.

  • 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience
  • 80% is the average increase in revenue when businesses focus on customer experience

Benefits of Integrated Martech

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Connect Quickly

Securely connect tools, apps, systems and other martech using pre-built integrations that empower you to link and sync everything in your stack.

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Scale Faster

Speed up processes, increase productivity, and promote innovation by empowering team members to build an integration once and use it with all other tech.

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Optimize Resources

Enable your team to spend more time producing results and less time performing manual tasks to make things work together.

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Empower Your People

Reduce reliance on IT and take charge of your martech stack with user-friendly integrations ideal for technical and nontechnical people alike.

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Do More With Data

Enable martech tools to engage in intelligent interactions through integrations that go beyond data transfer and share information in smarter ways.

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Keep Customer Data Safe

Provide peace-of-mind to customers and company leaders via integrations that deliver enterprise-class security measures.

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