Solutions: Cross-Channel Marketing

Connect With Customers Across Multiple Marketing Channels.

Increase Engagement

Pursue customers across a variety of channels and reach them wherever they are in the sales cycle.

Build Loyalty

Strengthen the presence of your brand by communicating a consistent vision and voice across all channels and devices.

Seize Opportunities

Using multiple channels to deliver messages enables you to reach new customers and reignite relationships with dormant accounts.


higher engagement levels with customers when companies reach them using two or more channels.


Build more engaging and rewarding customer relationships by automatically sending SMS messages for Eloqua and Marketo.


Use push notifications to keep customers in-the-loop on the latest news, events, offers and other time-sensitive information.


Deliver custom voice messages featuring company news, announcements, product updates, special offers, events, and more.

Direct Mail

Create and send high-quality, personalized, printed pieces on-demand with no minimums or complicated pricing.


Send custom gifts to clients, employees and others according to the rules and criteria you set for campaign participants.


Give customers instant communication gratification by using their favorite chat app to send and receive messages.

“Our mission is to improve the lives of CEOs and executives, and Sureshot Activate allows us to respect their time and make sure they get critical event information when they need it. It’s very effective marketing.”
– Amber Brown, Vistage Worldwide

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