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Add More Channels to Your Campaigns with Ease

Both B2B and B2C customers expect a convenient, easy and mobile customer experience, which means they want to do business with your company on the channels they prefer. Surpass their expectations and your sales goals by adding more of the right channels to your marketing mix.

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Use Multiple Channels to Reach More Customers

Reach customers and prospects wherever they are in the sales cycle by pursuing them across a variety of channels, from SMS, MMS and email, to direct mail, chat, messaging apps, and more.

  • 18% is the engagement rate cross-channel campaigns deliver, while 5% is the average for single-channel campaigns
  • 73% of customers use multiple channels in their buying journey

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Reduce Churn and Build Brand Loyalty

These days, the average customer needs six touch-points before making a purchase. Strengthen the presence of your brand by using multiple channels to stay on customer radars.

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  • 90% of customers who engage with a company on multiple channels return for future purchases
  • 66% is the customer retention rate of companies using multiple channels; 34% is the rate for companies using a single channel
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Seize New Opportunities and Revive Relationships

Reach new customers and reignite relationships with dormant accounts by using multiple channels to send a variety of messages, from reminders and invites, to product launches, updates, and more.

  • 3X is the typical increase in spending of a multi-channel customer vs. a single channel customer
  • 250% is the increase in purchase frequency multi-channel campaigns create compared to single-channel campaigns
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Sureshot Success Story

Vistage Uses Multiple Channels to Reach the World's Busiest Executives

Reaching Modern Business Leaders is no easy task

Vistage, the world's largest coaching organization for business executives, hosts over 12,000 meetings each year for its 23,000+ members. Their impressive client roster features high-profile executives from every industry; however, these busy leaders are some of the most difficult people to reach.

The Challenge of Increasing Executive Engagement

Ensuring members stay informed about upcoming events is critical to Vistage's mission, since event attendance directly impacts their success. The company used a combination of voice reminders and emails for event communications, but the engagement levels and results were underwhelming.

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The Sureshot Solution

Vistage used Sureshot's SMS app to add text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) messages to their cross-channel approach. In addition to supporting email and voice campaigns, they used SMS to create, schedule and send event notifications, updates, meeting reminders, and links to agendas.

Cross-Channel Boosts Vistage Member Engagement More Than 5X

Upon adding SMS to their cross-channel approach, Vistage saw an immediate increase in opt-ins. Best of all, member engagement has increased more than five times, leading to a significant increase in event attendance and success, as well as member satisfaction.

Adding More SMS to Vistage's Cross-Channel Mix

Thanks to the measurable results SMS has produced in Vistage's cross-channel approach, the company has plans to use it for a variety of member and event communications, including announcements, pre-event soirees, breakout sessions, new speakers, and more.

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The Benefits of Content Automation with Sureshot

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Use your marketing automation platform to create highly personalized campaigns featuring content from sources throughout your organization.



Create dynamic content queues for multiple channels. Personalize content in real-time to ensure you deliver the right message to the right contacts.

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Extend the value and lifecycle of content by repurposing content from RSS feeds, databases, tools, platforms and other marketing resources.

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Direct Mail

Scale content across channels and ensure customers enjoy a consistent brand experience regardless of the channel they choose.

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Form an unlimited number of content queues. Add content to queues dynamically, manually or in a curated and editable dynamic format.

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Free your marketing operations team to focus on strategy and sales to close more deals by automating content across channels.

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