content automation Use Case: Automated Cold Outreach

Scale Outbound Campaigns that Drive Revenue

Cold email campaigns have involved a lot of manual data processes and have not been effective at driving results—until now. Sureshot's automated process for building and activating a high-quality cold email list using your data or our partners, empowers you to scale revenue-driving outbound campaigns across all channels.

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automate outbound data

compare-icon BUILD LISTS

Automate Outbound Data Collection and Input Processes

Use data from your existing technology, or let Sureshot acquire third-party data for you, so you can create data-driven outbound campaigns with automated ease.

  • 88% of marketers say third-party data helps them better understand customers
  • 72% of leading marketers invest in quality and volume improvements to their data
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Rake in Sales and Revenue Via Outbound Campaigns

Sana Benefits leverages Sureshot to automate and scale personalized outbound email campaigns using Salesloft, resulting in over $4M in new sales opportunities. 

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marketing_ops_icon IMPROVE DATA

Enhance the Quality of First-, Second- and Third-Party Data

Enhance the performance of your outbound campaigns by using data that has been cleaned, validated and enriched—automatically.

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  • 8x the ROI is the average boost reported by businesses using data to enhance marketing performance
  • 75% of companies see increased engagement when they use data-driven marketing
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take campaign performance

track icon blue - sureshot ENABLE SALES

Take Campaign Performance to the Next Level

Add automated outbound data to existing sales enablement tools, like SalesLoft or Outreach, and empower sales teams to close more deals.

  • 42% of sales reps feel they don't have enough information before contacting a prospect
  • 49% is the win rate of forecasted deals for companies that pursue sales enablement

Benefits of Text Campaigns with Sureshot

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Enhance Data Hygiene

Keep data perpetually clean, complete, enriched and ready to populate outbound campaigns.

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Optimize Processes

Automate outbound campaign management and delivery, and save time and money.

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Sell More

Reach a larger audience by populating outbound campaigns with high quality third-party data.

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Maximize Martech

Use your own data and existing technology to scale high-performance outbound campaigns.

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Get Personal

Personalize outgoing messages with merge data from contacts and custom objects in Eloqua or Marketo.

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Plan Ahead

Send personalized outbound campaigns automatically, or according to your own schedule.

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