support_icon_white Message Orchestration

Give Your Martech Stack Messaging Super Powers

Sending highly personalized messages across channels to every single prospect and customer is no longer a pipe dream, but an automated reality. Sureshot connects your content and data to new and existing channels, empowering your martech stack to send personalized messages at scale. 

outbound_icon Personalization at Scale

Scale Personalized Outbound Campaigns and Drive Results.

Send hyper-personalized messages via intuitive centralized templates that easily integrate into the many places content lives within your company.

  • Create dynamic templates that can be used across platforms, channels and campaigns
  • Scale personalization by eliminating manual content creation
  • Connect to content sources such as CMS, RSS, DAMs and more

Use Automated SMS to Keep Customers Updated

Peloton trusts Sureshot to trigger automated, real-time shipping notifications and updates via SMS to customers globally.


Boost Engagement By Adding Messaging to the Mix

Vistage used Sureshot to add automated messaging to their marketing campaign mix. Their automated SMS event reminders led to a 5X increase in customer engagement.


support_icon_white Channel Activation

Activate More Channels and Connect With More Customers.

Reach more customers, revive dormant accounts and increase engagement by adopting a cross-channel approach and integrating new channels into your martech stack.

  • Increase engagement using channels customers prefer
  • Optimize campaigns using multi-channel message templates
  • Connect to channels such as SMS, push, messaging apps, print, display, etc.


of marketers create at least one piece of content each day.


of customers will trust your brand if you create more customized content.


of customers say personally relevant content increases their purchase intent.


of customers use a variety of platforms before making a purchase.

Content Unification

Unify Content and Deliver Data-Driven Campaigns On-Demand.

Connect every data source in your stack and automate the process of pulling the right data for personalized campaigns from sources throughout your organization.

  • Use data from multiple sources to personalize campaigns
  • Trigger relevant, timely messages based on data updates
  • Connect to sources such as CRMs, MAPs, data warehouses, etc.

Experience the Benefits of Message Orchestration


Eliminate Manual Processes

Reduce manual tasks by connecting everything in your stack and automating more processes


Increase Visibility

Get in front of customers more often via highly targeted messages that engage buyers


Maximize Content Value

Extend content lifecycles and reach a broader audience by repurposing content across channels


Optimize Processes

Streamline content creation, management and delivery and save time and money


Enhance CX

Create consistent messaging across channels and ensure customers enjoy a unified experience


Plan Ahead

Send personalized campaigns automatically, or according to your own schedule

Ready to automate personalized cross-channels campaigns? Contact Sureshot.