Your martech stack has issues.
Sureshot can solve them.

Sureshot’s software addresses the three most critical marketing technology-related issues facing today’s B2B marketers:


97% of marketers feel they do not get the full value out of their martech stacks.

– WalkerSands State of Marketing Technology Report


Poor Database Visibility

Martech tools have limited database reporting. You can’t see segments, data sources or trends, much less make a decision based on valid insights. Most marketers use excel or wait on IT for weeks just to figure out what’s going on with their data, but they don’t have to anymore.


Fragmented Content & Channels

Missed opportunities and disconnected customer experiences are what happen when marketing content systems can’t get the right information to the right person at the right time. Creating fully automated and highly personalized cross-channel campaigns hasn’t been scalable, until now.


Manual Marketing Processes

Behind most martech stacks are valuable marketing ops team members wasting time performing monotonous manual tasks to make things work together. This is not the effortless sophistication 21st century martech promised us. If you’re thinking, there must be a better way, there is.

Increase in personalized content used in weekly newsletter campaigns



Lift in customer engagement with SMS versus sending email alone


Reduction in dirty data housed within their marketing database


The average company uses 22 different tools in their martech stack.

– Gartner Research

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