Automate Every Marketing Process. Deliver Results.

Sureshot integrates the diverse tools and systems in your stack that need to work together and equips you with the power to orchestrate the data, messages, and customer journeys that determine marketing success and martech ROI.

  • Solve Data Problems
  • Personalize Campaigns at Scale
  • Integrate Martech & Cross-Channel Workflows

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Solution #1

Data Orchestration

Create and Manage a Strong Foundation of Marketing Data

Equip your campaigns with data that’s prepared to drive results. Sureshot streamlines how data is managed and shared throughout your martech stack and organization, and allows you to:

  • Connect data sources and centralize data control
  • Optimize and maintain superior data quality
  • Create complex workflows to manage data between sales and marketing
Automated Personalization

Message Orchestration

Integrate and Activate Marketing Content and Channels

Simplify and automate the process of sending hyper-personalized campaigns across multiple platforms. Sureshot connects content, data and channels and eliminates manual steps, so you can engage in ABM marketing, enable sales, and:

  • Share marketing content automatically across your entire tech stack
  • Quickly add and use channels like SMS, messaging apps, push, display, etc.
  • Deliver data-driven, personalized campaigns on-demand

Journey Orchestration

Design and Deploy Seamless Cross-Platform Customer Journeys

Today’s rich customer journeys require coordination between multiple platforms. Sureshot connects your data sources with marketing automation and delivery tools enabling you to:

  • Create complex journeys that use multiple channels with precision
  • Automate lead management across multiple platforms
  • Extend the functionality of your marketing automation and email engines

Discover the Sureshot Difference

We live and breathe martech. Our tools are not only designed to produce results but to be easily adopted by everyone on your marketing ops team. We support everything we create and are resolute in our commitment to helping you:

  • Execute highly effective multi-channel campaigns
  • Equip your campaigns with the right data in real-time
  • Reach every single person in your Total Addressable Market (TAM)
  • Use automation to deploy super-personalized campaigns
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Increase in personalized content used in weekly newsletter campaigns

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Lift in customer engagement with SMS versus sending email alone



Reduction in dirty data housed within their marketing database

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