Enhance Your Salesforce Experience
Sureshot helps Salesforce users get more from their marketing technology investments. Our apps integrate seamlessly with Salesforce and provide a simple, yet powerful way to fine-tune your experience and produce the results you want. 

Make Data-Driven Campaign Magic With Salesforce and Sureshot
The Sureshot team boasts decades of experience with a variety of top Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs), like Salesforce. Each of our solutions is uniquely designed to enhance your Salesforce experience and empower you to accomplish the things you want, the way you want. 



If Salesforce is the engine that drives your campaigns and data is the fuel, Sureshot Command is the booster that empowers your data to maintain peak performance levels.

Boost Your Salesforce Campaign Results
Command ensures the data fueling your marketing campaigns is ready to go, prepped for one-to-one personalization, and able to give you actionable insights on demand.  

Measure Salesforce Data Quality in Real-Time
High-performance campaigns require high-quality data. Sureshot Command integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and enables you to view and score the data quality of all connected martech.

Keep Salesforce Data Clean & Complete
Designed to perpetually monitor and improve data quality, Command automates validation and enrichment workflows, and ensures your Salesforce data is always optimized.   

View Salesforce Data On Demand
Get to the heart of campaign issues quickly using Command’s data dashboard featuring 360 degree views of your Salesforce data in real-time.

Enterprise Segment

See Salesforce Data on a Global or Segment Level
Command equips you with your data’s big picture, as well as details from individual segments. You can see the data you have, as well as the data you need, and take action.    

Analyze Salesforce Data With Ease
Making sense of large volumes of data is infinitely easier with Command’s data dashboard. Efficient and user-friendly, Command enables your team to conduct data queries quickly. 

Share the Story Your Salesforce Data Is Telling
Command visualizes your data so that you can see trends, glean insights and share finds fast via graphically compelling reports featuring tables, charts and more.

Equip Salesforce With Every Contact In Your TAM
Project sales and campaign performance with precision by using Command’s built-in access to top data providers. Compare your contacts to the universe of contacts in your TAM.


Scale Cross-Channel Campaigns Without IT’s Help
If scaling personalized campaigns across channels is the mountain you face, Sureshot Activate is your jet-pack, speedily propelling your campaigns to new heights while ruthlessly eliminating manual steps.   

Seamlessly Connect Content and Channels
Explore new channels, foster sales enablement and get more from your content investment. Activate enables you to manage content, channels and templates with automated ease. 

Populate Salesforce Campaigns With Automated Content
Give customers the content they want when they want it. Activate pulls content from sources connected across your organization, places it in the right template, and sends it automatically.


Use Salesforce Data to Scale Personalized Campaigns
Create campaigns that connect with customers and build brand loyalty. Activate matches customers’ interests with your content and sends it via their preferred channels.

Integrate New Campaign Channels Into Salesforce
Reach new customers and revive dormant accounts. Use Activate to add new communication channels like messaging apps, SMS, push notifications, chat, and more.

Equip Sales With Customizable Salesforce Campaigns
Activate connects to your CRM and equips sales teams with controlled access to a library of customizable templates featuring marketing-approved messages.


If your martech integrations resemble the flight patterns at a major airport, think of Connect as your air traffic controller, bringing order to chaos and ensuring a smooth customer journey.

Make Salesforce Integrations Work for You
Perform a variety of complex and simple integrations in Salesforce and throughout your martech stack, and configure them to do exactly what you want.

Create a More Compelling Customer Journey
Enhance your martech stack’s performance by tracking customer journeys across apps and adjusting them in real time according to what’s working.


Simplify Integrations and Reduce Manual Steps
Integrate your martech with Salesforce and other tools via user-friendly pre-built connectors designed to optimize processes and reduce manual steps.

Master the Art of Data Governance
Control how data is shared between integrated sources and ensure that the information that is shared is clean, standardized and compliant with regulations. 

Gain Accessible and Knowledgeable Support
All of Sureshot’s solutions are fully supported by a Salesforce-knowledgeable in-house team that is available to you via email or phone.

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