Content Automation Use Case: Adobe Experience Manager

Orchestrate Data, Messages and Cross-Channel Journeys In Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Sureshot is your secret weapon for helping AEM reach its full marketing automation potential. Our solutions enhance the functionality of your martech stack and give you greater flexibility and control in determining how AEM automates data, content, channels, and customer journeys.

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Improve AEM Data Quality and Campaign Results

Empower AEM campaigns to exceed performance goals by ensuring they are always equipped with high-quality data. Designed to continuously monitor and improve data quality, Sureshot goes far beyond out-of-the-box data washing and automates validation, management and enrichment workflows across multiple data sources and platforms.

  • 47 percent of new data records have at least one critical error
  • Businesses lose up to 20% of revenue each year due to poor data quality

Drive Engagement by Automating ABM Campaigns on a Global Scale

JLL uses Sureshot to combine AEM content with deep customer preference data and deliver engagement-driving, one-to-one personalized campaigns on a global scale.  


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Use Data and Content to Scale Personalized Campaigns

Sureshot enables you to pull content from sources connected across your stack, place it in the right campaign templates, and send it to the right person at the right time—automatically. Simple yet powerful, our message orchestration capabilities maximize the effectiveness and results of your personalization and ABM strategies.

  • 88% of marketers have seen measurable ROI from personalization, with more than half reporting increases greater than 10%
  • 91% of customers say they are more likely to buy from companies that provide content that’s relevant to them
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Integrate Channels Seamlessly Into AEM

Connect with customers on their preferred channels and boost engagement by adding more channels to your automated customer journeys. Sureshot connects your AEM canvas to messaging apps (i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.), SMS, MMS, RCS, Push, and more—making it easy to reach customers using their preferred channel.

  • Cross-channel campaigns that include SMS are 47% more likely to end in conversion
  • Campaigns involving three or more channels have a 287% higher purchase rate than single-channel campaigns

Benefits of Sureshot for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

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Orchestrate Data

Control how data is shared between sources and ensure it is valid, clean, standardized and enriched.


Eliminate Manual Processes

Reduce manual tasks by connecting AEM to everything in your stack and automating more processes.


Customize Workflows

Create customized AEM workflows that do exactly what you want.


Enable Sales

Equip sales with easy access to a library of pre-approved marketing content and templates.


Plan Ahead

Send personalized campaigns automatically, or according to your own schedule.

Increase Savings

Boost Campaign Performance

Automate personalized cross-channel campaigns using content from connected sources.


Access Knowledgeable Support

Get support, via email or phone, from Sureshot’s AEM-knowledgeable in-house team.

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