Solutions: Content Automation

Wow Customers With Personalized Automated Content.

Increase Engagement

Use your marketing automation (MA) platform to create highly personalized campaigns featuring content from sources throughout your organization.

Enhance Targeting

Create dynamic content queues for multiple channels (RSS, SMS, etc.) that personalize content in real-time to ensure you deliver the right message to the right contacts.

Increase Savings

Extend the value and lifecycle of content by repurposing content from RSS feeds, databases, tools, platforms and other content marketing resources.


of marketers report that automation saves time and makes them more efficient.

Build Brand Recognition

Scale content across channels to ensure customers experience a consistent brand look and voice regardless of the channel they choose.

Strategically Organize Content

Create an unlimited number of content queues, and add content to queues dynamically, manually or in an editable dynamic format (curated).

Increase Productivity

Integrating content sourced across your company and automating it across channels frees marketing to focus on strategy and sales to close more deals.

Sureshot Activate allows marketers to deliver a more personal customer experience, and yet spend significantly less time, money and effort doing so.

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