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Automate Highly Personalized Campaign Content

Scaling personalized content is the secret to successfully performing account-based marketing (ABM). Efficient and economical, when you automate the process of creating and sending personalized campaigns, it's possible to wow every last single contact in your database.

Increase Campaign Performance
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Generate Leads On Every Channel

Become a cross-channel champion by using automation to send personalized content to customers and prospects via the channel of their choice, from SMS, MMS and email, to newsletters, and beyond.

  • 80% of marketers say content automation increases their leads
  • 99% of marketers say personalization advances customer relationships
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Improve Data Quality and Send Super-Personalized Campaigns

AdTalem Global Education uses Sureshot to clean and integrate data from multiple platforms and business units and send super-personalized communications in real-time.

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Turn Maybes Into Yesses

Using automated content takes the guesswork out of sending the right message at the right time and ensures your prospects receive the information they need to say yes.

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  • 15-20% of prospects who aren't ready to purchase are converted later via personalized lead nurturing
  • 80% of customers are more likely to buy when companies offer personalized experiences
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Boost Productivity and Marketing Ops' Morale

Automating the process of sending personalized content frees your marketing ops team from being bogged down by campaign workflows and allows them to focus on more strategic endeavors.

  • 73% of marketers say automation saves their departments time and makes them more efficient
  • 90% of leading marketers say personalization significantly contributes to business profitability
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Personalization at Scale

JLL Uses Automation to Send Personalized Content to Thousands

Lots of Content Meets Lots of Product Options

JLL, a global real estate firm, generates a large volume of real estate content on a monthly basis, including listings, which change daily. They also sell multiple types of real estate all over the world to thousands of contacts with a variety of preferences in property types and regions of interest.

The Challenge of Disparate Data

Presenting prospects and customers with the right content at the right time was proving difficult for JLL, since their property data is stored in their CRM (Salesforce), Insights are in their CMS (Adobe Experience Manager), and contact preferences are in their Marketing Automation platform (Eloqua).

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The Sureshot Solution

Sureshot's content automation and personalization capabilities enabled JLL to integrate the multiple tools in their martech stack needed to deliver these communications. Property data and Insights from Salesforce and Adobe Experience Manager were combined with contact preferences in Eloqua in order to send weekly newsletters to contacts featuring personalized articles and properties that matched each person's individual preferences.

The Miracle of Automated, Hyper-Personalized Content

With over 300 different content combinations, JLL found sending personalized campaigns each week to be impossible - until Sureshot automated the process. Best of all, once the process was set up, JLL contacts automatically received a personalized newsletter each week featuring their preferred Insights and Properties.

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Increasing Content Automation Enterprise-Wide

Thanks to the newsletter's success, JLL teams are leveraging content automation to dynamically present Insights and Properties to email contacts by:

  • Adding new content sections to existing campaigns
  • Creating automated updates that highlight featured properties each week
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The Benefits of Content Automation with Sureshot

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Boost Engagement

Use your marketing automation platform to create highly personalized campaigns featuring content from sources throughout your organization.

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Enhance Targeting

Create dynamic content queues for multiple channels. Personalize content in real-time to ensure you deliver the right message to the right contacts.

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Increase Savings

Extend the value and lifecycle of content by repurposing content from RSS feeds, databases, tools, platforms and other marketing resources.

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Build Brand Recognition

Scale content across channels and ensure customers enjoy a consistent brand experience regardless of the channel they choose.

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Organize Content

Form an unlimited number of content queues. Add content to queues dynamically, manually or in a curated and editable dynamic format.

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Increase Productivity

Free your marketing operations team to focus on strategy and sales to close more deals by automating content across channels.

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