Why Sureshot?

Effectively Leveraging All the Data In Your Martech Stack

Every marketer knows data is the driver behind campaign performance. When you consider the dozens of tools in your stack perpetually collecting data, making the most of that data can feel like an overwhelming challenge.

At Sureshot, we empower you to make sense of your martech data through tools that automate processes, eliminate manual steps, and give you unprecedented visibility into your data.

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Data Orchestration

Gain instant insight into your marketing database. Instantly verify and enrich data from third-party providers.

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Message Orchestration

Sureshot connects content, data attributes and channels to deliver personalization at scale.

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Journey Orchestration

Sureshot weaves your stack together to seamlessly orchestrate multi-platform journeys and processes.

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Equip Campaigns With the Right Data in Real-Time

Imagine how much better your campaigns would perform if all your data was clean, complete, standardized, validated and enriched! Sureshot allows you to view, analyze and address data issues on-demand, so that your campaigns produce the best results possible.

Reach Every Single Person in Your Total Addressable Market (TAM)

Setting realistic campaign goals is only possible when you know whether or not your contact data has every single person in your TAM. Sureshot integrates with leading data providers, and enables you to compare your database to the universe of customers available, identify missing contacts, and realize your potential.

Use Automation to Deploy Super-Personalized Campaigns

Sending personalized campaigns to a variety of marketing segments doesn’t have to be a chore that requires a bottomless budget and 100 people on your marketing ops team. Sureshot automates the process of pulling and sending personalized content to the people on your lists via the channel of their choice.

Plan Highly Effective Multi-Channel Campaigns

Sureshot makes it quick and easy to add a variety of channels to your marketing campaigns, from SMS and MMS, to messaging apps and much more. It’s versatile templates foster sales enablement and allow both marketing and sales teams to revive dormant accounts, boost engagement, and connect with customers.

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