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Take Control of Your Data With Smarter Integrations

Managing multiple data sources across an ever-expanding marketing technology stack is a complex pursuit. Sureshot enables you to overcome data challenges via intelligent integrations that allow you to connect the tools in your stack, maintain data quality, and automate data sharing and routing.

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Connect Data Sources Enterprise-Wide

Connect every data source in your stack and automate the process of pulling the right data for personalized campaigns from sources throughout your organization. Sureshot's data orchestration solutions enable you to control how data is received, processed, shared and maintained.

  • Connect a variety of systems, platforms, tools, data warehouses, and more
  • Eliminate data silos and centralize data for use in marketing campaigns
  • Benchmark data quality from different sources and proactively identify issues


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Increase Engagement With a Multi-Channel Approach  

Oak Street Health uses Sureshot to send personalized, time-sensitive patient communications across multiple channels using data from a variety of platforms.

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Improve Data Quality and Email Deliverability

Progress improves incoming data quality in real-time using Sureshot’s data orchestration capabilities. Now Progress enjoys higher email deliverability and call connection rates.

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Use Data and Message Automation to Expand Reach and Boost Engagement

FIS increased the reach and engagement of their loyalty and rewards programs in Eloqua by adding automated data enrichment and messaging via Sureshot.

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real-time-iconActivate Data

Use High-Quality Data to Drive Campaign Results

Maximize marketing campaigns by ensuring only clean and complete data resides within your marketing technology stack. Sureshot enables you to personalize campaigns with data that is standardized, enriched, and up-to-date.

  • Confidently send personalized campaigns using the latest and most accurate data
  • Enhance the performance of campaigns and lead nurturing activities
  • Use enriched and acquired data to activate new marketing channels


compare-icon Automate Data

Orchestrate How Data Is Used Across Systems

Ensure your data is headed in the right direction by taking control of its journey throughout your marketing technology stack. Sureshot empowers you to leverage data from multiple sources and automate how it is used within your martech ecosystem-in real-time.

  • Streamline and automate complex data processes and use cases
  • Support campaigns by ensuring the right data gets to the right system
  • Intelligently route data throughout your martech ecosystem
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Experience the Benefits of Data Orchestration

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Centralize Data

Create a centralized view of data sources, like your marketing automation platform, CRM and other tools

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Enhance Campaign Performance

Ensure data is clean, complete, enriched, and accessible to the right tools at the right time

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Connect Quickly

Achieve results using intelligent integrations that solve challenges quickly, simply and intuitively

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Streamline Workflows

Increase productivity, enhance efficiency and save time through smarter data workflows and processes

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Enrich Leads

Ensure sales reps have the information they need to close deals by enriching lead data as it arrives

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Keep Data Secure

Relax knowing industry-leading security ensures your data and customer information are safe

Ready to orchestrate your data and measurably improve marketing results? Contact Sureshot.