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Tegrita Talks to Sureshot About Sports Marketing Apps That Increase Engagement: A Webinar Synopsis

Want to watch our webinar with Tegrita? Click Sports Marketing Apps That Increase Engagement to watch now, or read our brief recap below.

Apps for Your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) That Increase Fan Engagement

Customers are adopting technology quickly; however, 97% of marketers feel they are not getting the full value out of their martech stack. One of the primary reasons for this is a lack of capabilities and functionality between tech within the stack. Sureshot is focused on helping you make everything work together.

Sureshot software works with a variety of MAPs (Eloqua, Marketo, etc.) and CRMs (Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.) to help marketers automate data-driven campaigns across their stack. Sureshot’s solutions help you do this by:

  • Preparing your data – Because everything in marketing is data driven, you need to make sure that your data is clean and prepared for campaign action.
  • Activating your content – It’s not enough to collect data; you must be able to use it to your advantage. Dynamic personalization automates the process of pulling and sending custom content that speaks to your customer’s interests. It’s what makes super-personalized campaigns not only possible, but scalable.
  • Running your campaigns – As you expand your marketing tech stack, orchestrating multi-channel campaigns can become cumbersome with manual steps required to make everything work, so you want to integrate things in ways that eliminate as many steps as possible.

As marketers, our mandate is producing better and better campaigns that are proven to drive leads, increase conversion and generate revenue. Oftentimes, our stacks need the help of a few good apps in order to accomplish these business goals. Below, we’ve gathered a few apps that when integrated with your current MAP, make producing better and better campaigns – easier and easier.

APP #1: Sureshot Command

If you have bad data, the results of your campaign are going to be adversely affected. Most MAPs are not focused on giving you insights into the quality of your data, which is where Command comes in. It enables you to not only understand the quality of your data, but fix issues that impact performance.

What it does: Improves data quality

How it improves data quality: Command enables you to know the quality of your marketing segment data before you send campaigns. It provides:

  • Real-time email validation – Know that your emails are high-quality, avoid spam traps and improve your reputation as a sender
  • Phone validation – Ensure the numbers that you send to sales are ready to receive calls
  • Business/Consumer data append – Obtain key data pieces you need to personalize your marketing efforts and improve your segmentation strategies

Command Features

  • Seamless integration with Eloqua and other leading MAPs
  • SFTP list uploads, Manual, JavaScript and Integrated validation
  • Extendable beyond a single vendor
  • Use your own vendor or choose from leading providers like Twilio, SendGrid, Experian, etc.

APP #2: Sureshot Activate

Activate automates the process of pulling custom content from your MAP, CRM and other connected sources throughout your enterprise. It then dynamically places the personalized content in a variety of campaign channels, from emails and direct mails, to SMS, MMS, voice and more. Personalized campaigns can be sent automatically or at your command.

What It Does: Automates the process of sending personalized cross-channel campaigns

Activate Feature Highlight — SMS & MMS Messaging

Send SMS (text) and MMS (multimedia/video) messages to over 150 countries from your MAP (i.e. Oracle Eloqua) campaign or program canvas. Activate SMS lets you choose the messaging gateway that meets your needs, from Twilio and Nexmo, to BurstSMS and local SMS providers.

How Activate SMS Works:

  • Supports field merges for contacts and custom objects
  • Creates shortened URLs for each recipient (, etc.) so you can track engagement
  • Provides default or keyword auto-responses
  • Saves every outbound and inbound message in a Custom Object for reporting and segmentation

Why Activate SMS?

  • Fully supported SMS and MMS
  • Unprecedented flexibility and message personalization
  • Easy auto-response capabilities, including default, keyword, global, individual campaign-level, etc.
  • Field-mapping, i.e. auto-response mapping for opt-outs
  • Number formatting for international contacts
  • Ability to send messages via a variety of messaging services (WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, etc.)
  • Person-to-person engagement – if a recipient replies to a mass message, Activate SMS transfers that person seamlessly to an internal agent, such as a salesperson, customer success rep, etc.

Activate SMS/MMS Produces Measurable Results for Sureshot Customers

  • Vistage realized a 500% increase in response rates using Activate SMS
  • AdTalem saw a 98% reduction in dirty data with Sureshot Command
  • JLL increased the personalization of their marketing campaigns a whopping 1400%

Learn More About Command and Activate

If you’ve got questions visit our Command or Activate web pages to read more, or feel free to email your questions and comments to David directly: