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Enhance Your Eloqua Experience: Watch a Virtual Eloqua User Group Meeting

Our friends at Sojourn Solutions host a regular Virtual Eloqua User Group Meeting. The latest one shares how to enhance your Eloqua experience by improving your data using the Contact Washing Machine app and the Sureshot Command app. 

Click here to watch it now, or read our brief recap below. Informative and fast-paced, this three-part meeting is hosted by: Karen Pindle, the Senior Marketing Automation Consultant and Guide for Sojourn Solutions.


Presented by: Nathan Nemirovski, Principal Product Manager of Eloqua Integrations

Oracle’s Contact Washing Machine app (CWM) is one of the most popular apps on its Cloud Marketplace, and one of several solutions available on the marketplace that cleans data.

“Maintaining accurate, current and relevant data about your customers demonstrates respect for them and helps to dispel their belief that they are no more than an income source for your company. Only through mutual respect can a true, mutually beneficial and long-term dialog and relationship with your customers be achieved.” Graham Rhind, GRC Database Information

Eloqua Data Cleansing Program: Components

The CWM is the third component inside Oracle’s Data Cleansing Program. Eloqua uses automation to filter and update undesirable data.

  1. Lookup Tables – Look up a particular value and find values associated with it
  2. Update Rules – Perform intelligent updates of data by considering both new and existing data
  3. Oracle Marketing Cloud App (e.g. CWM) – Identify and modify contact record fields
  4. Program Canvas – Manage processes for all data cleanses


Contact Washing Machine App

The CWM empowers users to take six actions with their data, including:

  1. Trim – Delete extra spaces present in the field, such as ZIP codes, names
  2. Case – Modify the casing of text in a field to lowercase, all caps or initial caps
  3. Extraction – Extract data from the field text and use it to do things like populate email fields with names; or cull data from a contact such as full email address, user names, company names, etc.
  4. Substitute – Replace or remove the field text. Great for clearing data in the contact field, and for searching and replacing data, such as finding incorrect state codes and replacing them with correct ones. It can also be used to correct the appearance of phone numbers.
  5. Math – Use a mathematical expression to update the field text, such as rounding numbers up and/or down, etc.
  6. Standardization – Standardize field data. This action is ideal for identifying fake names, matching titles to levels (VP, EVP, etc.) and roles, and identifying genders.


Understanding the Differences Between Update Rules and Standardization Actions

Update Rules – Ideal for fine-tuned, personalized customer approaches

  • Normalize data based on specific job titles and roles defined according to your requirements
  • Create highly targeted segments for conversion campaigns

Standardization Actions – Ideal for broad-based general approaches

  • Normalize data using master lookup tables based on generic industry and domain-related information
  • Create broad-based segments for welcome campaigns


User Tip: 6 Simple Steps to Create a Custom Lookup Table

  1. Navigate to Settings and select APPS.
  2. Select the CWM.
  3. Click the Configure icon.
  4. Click Add Lookup.
  5. Add a name and a description and upload a CSV file of your custom lookup table. The CSV file must meet the custom lookup table requirements.
  6. Click Save.


Recommended Resources

  1. Oracle University Data Cleansing Course
  2. RegEx Cheat Sheet



Presented by: David York, Founder of Sureshot and Long-Time Eloqua Expert

Automating Data-Driven Campaigns

Sureshot creates applications that integrate into Marketing Automation Platforms, like Eloqua, so that marketers can overcome the many challenges that they face with regards to data quality and data management.

Our solutions are designed to answer the question of how customers can take the data they already have and make sure it’s optimized and ready to deliver campaign results. As marketers, we’re always asked to do things at the last minute and Sureshot helps marketers have their data ready ahead of time, so they are prepared for those moments.

Marketing Is Data-Driven

  • 67% of marketers state data-based decisions to be more effective than gut instincts
  • 54% of organizations state data quality and completeness is the biggest challenge with data-driven campaigns
  • Businesses lose $3.1 T annually due to poor data quality


Where Do I Start With My Data?

Oftentimes when marketers are trying to get a campaign out the door, they wrestle with the questions:

  • Is the segment quality of my data good or bad?
  • Can I personalize content well with the data I have?
  • Does my list contain all the possible targets it should?


The Answer to Your Data Questions?
Sureshot Command!

Command identifies and helps fix critical data issues in campaign segments before you launch them. It works with apps, like Eloqua’s Contact Washing Machine (CWM) by allowing you to see your data, its results and improvements, as it’s going through the CWM.

Command allows you to look at your data and see if there are other opportunities for improvement. For example, should you do a third party integration to validate your data? Would your segment strategy benefit from enrichment? Does the segment you are targeting have all of the possible contacts you could and should be marketing to; etc. Command gives you real-time visibility that enables you to gain insights and understanding regarding:

  • Data Quality
  • Marketability a.k.a. Reach
  • Field Completeness
  • Total Addressable Market (TAM)


Command Seamlessly Integrates Into Eloqua and Allows You To:

  • Connect to your Eloqua segments
  • Analyze and improve data quality
  • Activate channels and campaigns


Command Features

  • Direct integration into Eloqua contacts, accounts and segments
  • Email and phone validation
  • Data management workflows
  • TAM data from ZoomInfo
  • Shareable data trends and scoring metrics

Command Demo Video Start Time: 31:16


Presented By: Karen Pindle, Senior Marketing Automation Consultant and Guide for Sojourn Solutions

Customer Challenges

 A customer of Sojourn Solutions located in the UK had an issue with a lack of prospect and customer data to serve consistent and relevant marketing content; or maintain lead qualifications for suitable Sales lead hand-off.

Root of Challenges

  • Data in various stages of completeness managed in inconsistent manners
  • No lead scoring processes to provide a hand-off between Marketing and Sales teams


34% of their database was cleansed after running data through the Contact Washing Machine. This helped improve accuracy in segmentation and personalization efforts within their email marketing. Sojourn also designed and built an Area of Interest solution which allows for more behavior-based segmentation and personalization.


Business outcomes: Better segmentation and personalization and prioritized views of leads being passed to sales.

Improved Marketing Performance to Date:

  1. 5% increase in email click-through rates
  2. Unsubscribe rate decreased from 0.05% to 0.02%
  3. Email hard bounce-back rate decreased from 2.89% to 1.51%
  4. 9% of leads are of a higher quality