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Applying Insights From an Example of Personalization at Scale

Being able to scale personalized campaigns with speed and precision is the quest of every modern marketer. It’s also the most tangible way to create a memorable and positive customer experience, which in turn leads to customers being willing to stay on a journey with your brand. According to recent research from Econsultancy and Adobe, scaling personalized marketing pieces affords your organization several worthwhile opportunities, including:

  • 1.7x year-over-year growth in revenue
  • 1.8x year-over-year increase in customer satisfaction
  • 2.3x year-over-year increase in customer lifetime value (CLV)

At its most basic level, personalization at scale is about sending the right message to the right customer at the right time. It sounds simple enough, but when you factor in the average marketing department’s 20+ martech tools, all of which house an ever-growing deluge of data, it’s easy to see how this mandate can become overwhelming, and yet it doesn’t have to be. In today’s blog, we’ll share an example of a Sureshot customer who is reaping the rewards of automating large-scale personalization. Best of all, whether your customer list is in the hundreds, thousands, or millions, you can apply the same principles and make it rain for your company, too.

Meet JLL, a Sureshot Customer That Uses Automation to Scale Personalized Content for Thousands

JLL, a global real estate firm, generates a large volume of real estate content on a monthly basis, including listings—which change daily. They also sell multiple types of real estate all over the world to thousands of contacts with a variety of preferences in property types and regions of interest.

Contending With a Common Marketing Challenge—Disparate Data

Presenting prospects and customers with the right content at the right time was proving difficult for JLL, since their property data is stored in their CRM (Salesforce), Insights are in their CMS (Adobe Experience Manager), and contact preferences are in their Marketing Automation platform (Eloqua). With over 300 different content combinations, JLL found sending personalized campaigns each week to be impossible—until Sureshot helped them automate the process.

The Sureshot Solutions

  1. Journey OrchestrationBecause today’s customers expect a seamless experience with your brand, it’s vital to connect all your dots. Of course, in this scenario dots represent every last single data-housing tool in a marketing technology ecosystem, from the CRM and CMS, to the marketing automation platform, and beyond.

    We offer a hybrid tech approach, so our team got to work integrating all of the tools within JLL’s martech stack. Thanks to the new integrations, JLL was able to use property data and insights from Salesforce and Adobe Experience Manager and combine them with contact preferences in Eloqua.

    2. Message Orchestration – Once JLL’s tech was well-connected we added our Message Orchestration tool which automates the process of pulling the right data for personalized campaigns from all connected data sources. This allowed them to use data from multiple databases, data warehouses and other sources to personalize campaigns. The tool also offers the ability to trigger relevant, timely messages based on data updates, such as a customer updating their profile to include new location or property type interests.

Making Personalization at Scale Possible

Once we automated JLL’s content selection and personalization, we also automated the process of sending highly personalized weekly newsletters to contacts featuring articles and properties that matched each customer’s preferences. Now that the process is set up, JLL contacts automatically receive a personalized newsletter each week featuring their preferred Insights and Properties.

Increasing Content Automation Enterprise-Wide

We helped our customer, JLL, increase the personalized content of their newsletter campaigns by 15x! Thanks to the newsletter’s success, JLL teams are leveraging content automation to dynamically present Insights and Properties to email contacts by:

  • Adding new content sections to existing campaigns
  • Creating automated updates that highlight featured properties each week

Three C’s You Can Implement to Emulate JLL’s Success

  1. CONNECT Everything in Your Martech Ecosystem.

Sureshot builds intelligent integrations and implements them using a hybrid tech approach in which seasoned martech teams implement the integrations throughout your enterprise using our Journey Orchestration tool. We connect the tools in your marketing technology stack in ways that facilitate your specific marketing data strategy and goals. This enables you to control how data is shared between tools, streamline workflows, and automate processes, so that your system runs like the intuitive and well-oiled machine you always wished for.

2. CLEAN and Enrich Data Continuously.

In order for personalized campaigns to deliver on the many benefits they promise, the data you use to populate your marketing pieces must be clean, complete, standardized and enriched with the information your campaigns’ need. Here again, we take a hybrid tech approach in setting up Data Orchestration processes throughout your martech ecosystem that keep your data clean, current, and ready to deliver results—from the moment data enters your organization to every time it is shared with another tool.

3. COLLECT Content From Sources Across Your Company to Populate Automated Campaigns.

Sureshot’s Message Orchestration tool is the magic that makes scaling personalized campaigns possible. Once it is set up, it mines your data and content sources for the right data sets and content (based on customer preferences). Then, it places the right information in the right campaign template, and sends it to the right customer at the right time. You can opt for message orchestration to be fully automated, like JLL did, or you can choose to send the pre-populated personalized campaigns whenever you wish.