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Visions from the Future of Marketing Automation: MMS

Visually Engaging Messages: The Role of MMS in Your Cross-Channel Strategy

Like SMS, a multimedia message service (MMS) is easy-to-use and economical. However, MMS is more visually compelling in that it enables you to send clients and prospects text messages that feature videos, slides and picture messages with audio.

Integrating MMS into your cross-channel campaign can help you:

  • Target specific customers and decision makers through personalized campaigns
  • Engage prospects and clients in interactive conversations
  • Collect valuable customer insights and build your database via surveys and questions
  • Generate leads through links to new products and landing pages
  • Measure campaign success via open, opt-out and conversion rates

MMS Best Practices for B2B Marketers

To ensure your MMS campaign is a hit, it’s important to send only well-designed messages that match your brand voice, and look great on the small screen. You may also want to consider keeping mobile clients engaged by providing them with “mobile-only” offers and content.

We also recommend:

  • Messages should be easy to see, hear and read across multiple devices
  • Always test MMS messages so you’ll know how customers are experiencing them
  • Send only relevant, helpful, valuable and informative content to opted-in customers
  • Never send messages on weekends, holidays or outside regular business hours (9 to 5)
  • Be prepared to immediately answer responses to your messages • Engage customers by inviting them to click through to blogs, videos and more

Best B2B MMS Use Cases

  • Pitches and Product Intros: Videos and Demos
  • Information: Links to Blogs, Brochures, Social Media Sites and Apps
  • Announcements: PR, Sales and Events
  • Alerts: Service and Product Statuses
  • Data Collection: Feedback and Surveys
  • Notifications: Shipping, Scheduling and Webinars
  • Reminders: Appointments and Updates

According to Google research:
46% of all B2B researchers are millennials
49% of B2B researchers use mobile devices for product research at work
91% increase of B2B purchasers using smartphones throughout the path to purchase
70% of B2B buyers and researchers are watching videos throughout their path to purchase

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