DALLAS, TX, October 26, 2020 — Sureshot, a B2B marketing technology company, released a new version of its marketing insights dashboard, Command, that allows marketers to see and track their Total Addressable Market (TAM). In addition to measuring market potential and penetration, Command boosts campaign results by pinpointing and resolving data gaps. The latest iteration of Command also gives B2B marketers the ability to see their data on a macro or micro (segment) level.  

“Data blindness is a major issue that can tank the results of what may otherwise be a great marketing campaign. We created Command to seamlessly integrate with our customers’ marketing technology stacks so they have the power to see what’s going on with their data anytime they want. When you can measure and improve data quality on the fly, you gain two distinct advantages that have a big impact on campaign performance,” said David York, CEO of Sureshot. 

York shared that being able to understand the market of potential customers is a huge priority for modern marketing professionals. Command helps marketers not only track overall TAM, but it can prescriptively fill in and round out data gaps, which enables campaigns to be more effective.

Sureshot COO, Chris Williams, believes Command’s TAM feature will now make it significantly easier for marketers to more accurately project future campaign performance and sales. “Knowing whether or not you have every last single contact and account in your TAM is a big deal. When you are able to see the number of companies out there that should be your customers and compare that data to your current lists, it makes setting and achieving goals a breeze.” said Williams.

A multi-tasking tool, Command empowers users to not only see what their data is doing, but proactively respond to both issues and opportunities. Its intuitive interface enables everyone on the marketing ops team to perform mission-critical tasks, including: cleaning and enriching data quality; mining for insights in real-time; gauging the ability to market to contacts across multiple channels; establishing baselines and benchmarks for key metrics; and tracking database growth over time.

Command provides out-of-the-box integration with leading marketing automation platforms (MAPs), like Oracle Eloqua, Marketo Engage and Hubspot; customer relationship management systems (CRMs), like Salesforce; and a host of other marketing apps and tools. It is currently available for demos, a free 21-day trial, and purchase at sureshot.io/command.

About Sureshot: Sureshot simplifies the process of creating and sending data-driven campaigns through user-friendly martech tools that work with MAPs, CRMs and other martech. Marketing ops teams around the world use Sureshot tools to solve data issues, automate personalized cross-channel campaigns, and connect their tech in ways that reduce manual steps, enhance efficiencies and improve the customer experience.