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What is Integrated Marketing? The Vital Components to Know

Integrated marketing is a strategic approach to providing a relevant and consistent content experience to your audience across various channels. The goal of integrated marketing is delivering a consistent customer-centric experience that brings results for your brand.

But only a small percent of marketers feel that they provide a personalized experience across digital and traditional channels.

According to a survey, marketers lose about 26% of their budget to inefficient marketing campaigns. They often use ineffective strategies and channels.

Right now, marketing isn’t just about being original or creative. It’s important to be diversified, in the way you market your products and services.

How can you create an integrated marketing campaign to spread across all platforms? Check out the critical components of an all-round integrated marketing strategy.


Partnerships can fuel significant stories that will help build your brand. Building strategic B2B partnerships is a powerful tactic to increase awareness, break into new markets, and grow your company.

A lot of businesses only focus on their own products. This causes them to forget the power of what collaborating with other brands can deliver. For a partnership to succeed, the target audiences have to match, without competing.

For example, a peanut butter company might work together with a jelly-making company to endorse sandwich making. The partnership should be a win-win for both brands.

Print Marketing

In this digital era, print marketing is an important component of an integrated marketing campaign. You can’t engage in social media or email campaign marketing unless you’ve established your presence. Print is a great way to be seen.

Print advertising is great for spreading brand awareness. It can also be a great gateway to more audience-centered marketing. You don’t even need an internet connection to share or read.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a primary component in an effective integrated marketing approach.  It’s one of the most convenient, customized, and personalized ways to market your product or service.

Creating a thoughtful email marketing campaign allows you to keep readers informed about new deals. It also allows you to track the visitors that click on your links and finally buy your product. This way, it helps you understand the trends of your returning clients.

Influencer Marketing

Take your time to research who is leading conversations in your industry. After that, create a plan to engage these influencers to help tell your brand’s story.

Unique content by skilled influencers can help make your brand authentic and engage your fans with relevant stories.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is based on increasing value and blogging is among the best ways to reach your potential customers. It involves anticipating and posting content the information your target audience wants to find when searching the internet.

You’ll be able to strengthen audience ties to your business by creating relevant content. You may even find them marketing on your behalf! Your content should be informative, engaging and inspiring to your readers.


A website is a crucial hub for your digital information. Keep in mind that your site’s web design can impact your entire internet presence. Make sure that your site’s design elements are in sync with the content you provide. This helps to create trust with your audience.

It’s where your readers will most likely begin their research. As consumers look for information specific to your services and products, they’re often looking for businesses they can trust.

The good thing is that the internet has made it a lot easier to find a company’s values, personal details, biographies, in-depth histories, recalls, and news about products and services.

Social Networking

From Instagram and Facebook to LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Twitter, the number of social media channels is growing very fast. Beyond that, prospects are spending a lot of time on each of these networks, creating new friends and connecting to brands. Social media users upload videos, tweet, snap and create millions of posts daily.

The use of social media networks has proven to be a good strategy for digital marketing. Yet your business should also think about the differences between various platforms. Notice that each audience on these platforms looks for different types of content.

Sales Alignment

The buying process of B2B marketing can be complex and lengthy, sometimes involving several decision-makers. Integrated marketing helps sales teams to deliver the right information needed by decision-makers at all stages of the purchasing process.

For example, makes a list of what they need then performs research to make a decision on the final supplier. An integrated marketing campaign communication can support them throughout this entire process.

Search Engine Optimization Marketing

Search engines rank results depending on how relevant pages are to particular search words and phrases. For this reason, you can optimize your pages, so they are more relevant to common search words, moving your webpages up the ranks. This is known as organic search engine marketing, and won’t cost you money to employ.

While organic SEO marketing can help your website rank higher at no financial cost, not everyone can be up for the delicate science. As such, some brands buy their way to the top. This is referred to as paid search engine marketing.

Paid search means that you buy the rights to a particular search phrase or word. Your ad then appears before, below, or beside the organic search results.

Planning an Integrated Marketing Strategy for Your Business?

Successful integrated marketing approaches start and end with the customer. Always strive to make your audience a top priority. Although viral campaigns can help increase your company’s profitability, loyal customers contribute to your business’s longevity.

Customers are the end-users of whatever marketing strategy you use so you should design your strategy around them. Research about where and how they want to connect with you and make this easier and more effective.

For more assistance with custom marketing solutions for your brand, feel free to contact us today.