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9 Key Benefits of SMS Text Marketing for Your Business

Thinking of adding SMS text marketing to your strategy?

It’s an effective and versatile strategy that can help you reach your target audience directly.

More than half of the estimated 5 billion people who own a mobile device have smartphones, which means there’s a good chance the people in your target audience have one.

If you’re on the fence about SMS marketing, keep reading to learn nine key benefits of this marketing method.

1. High Open Rate

Your direct marketing efforts are only effective if the recipients read them.

With email marketing, the open rate is only 22%. That’s a lot of unread emails.

The open rate for SMS jumps to 98%, which is a much more appealing statistic to marketers.

Having the majority of recipients reading your text messages increases your chances of getting a sale, engaging customers, or reaching other goals.

2. Personalized Content

SMS texts are easy to personalize based on your customer segmentation strategy. When you can personalize the experience, you increase your chances of getting a sale or increasing the sale amount.

One survey showed that 49% of people made impulse buys because of personalized recommendations, and 40% made a more expensive purchase than planned.

Personalized consumer experiences also encourage people to come back for more, with 40% of people saying they would likely make another purchase.

Taking time to personalize your SMS marketing can make it more effective. Since the texts are simple to create and send, creating personalized content really isn’t difficult.

You can personalize the messages based on different characteristics. This may include recommendations based on past purchases, demographics, locations, or other factors.

3. Fast Communication

Text messaging reaches your target audience immediately, and they get an instant notification. Since most people can’t resist seeing what caused that buzz or ding, they’ll see the text much faster than they would likely see an email.

That fast communication method may encourage customers to react and respond quickly.

It also lets you send time-sensitive information fast. You might send out a limited time offer, which creates a sense of urgency that encourages action.

Since the messages are so short, you can create them quickly and send them out as soon as you write them. That helps you keep up with timely issues, and it gives you the flexibility to create a last-minute campaign easily.

4. Less Competition

Traditional, social media, and email marketing methods are all very popular among marketers. You’ll have a lot more competition if you only use these methods of marketing. It can be more difficult to get your target audience to see your message.

But not as many people use SMS. That means you have more opportunities to set yourself apart by using it. People receive fewer promotional texts, so yours isn’t as likely to get lost in the shuffle like it may on social media or other platforms.

If your competitors aren’t currently using SMS marketing, you’re ahead of the game. You can make those connections with your target audience and build rapport with them.

5. Good Return on Investment

SMS is a cost-effective way to reach your customers. It’s typically inexpensive compared to more traditional advertising methods, such as commercials, billboards, and newspaper ads.

The competitive pricing makes SMS an option for smaller businesses that are on a limited marketing budget.

You also save money on the creation process. Crafting one series of effective texts lets you reach a huge customer segment all at once, allowing you to use your time more effectively.

The instant communication and high open rate can help you increase your sales more effectively.

6. Opportunity for Tracking

When you use SMS text marketing programs, you can easily track metrics related to how recipients engage with the content.

You can look at both delivery and open rates to see how many people are seeing your messages.

Using those metrics helps you figure out what’s working well in your SMS marketing strategy. It can help you spot things people respond to so you can do more of those things.

It can also show you what tactics people don’t respond to. That gives you a point of research to figure out what you can change to make them your advertising effective.

The opportunity for analytics helps you hone your marketing. It also helps you improve your ROI by sending out more effective texts.

7. Integrated Marketing Options

Integrating different marketing techniques can increase the effectiveness of your strategies. SMS is easy to integrate with other channels.

If you also use email marketing, you can use texts to remind people to open those emails. Texts are a good way to encourage people to visit your social media channels and become followers.

8. Higher Customer Engagement

Getting customers to engage with your brand increases the chances of them buying from you. The more you can get your name in front of your target audience, the more engaged they become.

Using a call to action in your SMS marketing can also help with engagement. It encourages them to do something instead of just reading the text.

9. Versatile Use Options

SMS allows for a variety of marketing strategies to best match different types of customers and different marketing goals.

A primary goal is to drive sales. You can do that by announcing product launches, special offers, and promotions to your customers. If you sell physical products, text messaging is also a great way to provide delivery tracking and updates.

For service-based businesses, use SMS for appointment setting and reminders. It’s also a great way to handle customer service issues or technical support.

If you use rich SMS, you can send various types of content that’s more engaging than text-only. You can get far better results by sending surveys, newsletters, games, and other types of content.

Start With SMS Text Marketing

If you’re considering SMS text marketing, understanding the benefits can help make your decision. This effective marketing tactic benefits businesses of all sizes with customizable options that resonate with your target audience.

Check out our SMS messaging options and book a demo today to get started.