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Sureshot News: Chris Petko is Named Vice President of Revenue After Record Q1 Growth

Sureshot is delighted to announce that Chris Petko, a marketing and SaaS expert, has joined the company as the new Vice President of Revenue on the heels of record triple-digit year-over-year growth in the first quarter of 2021. Charged with leading and expanding both the sales and customer experience (CX) teams, Petko brings a deep and impressive background in both disciplines, as well as a passion for the positive disruption technology can bring to companies competing in today’s marketplace.

“Sureshot is actively solving real business problems across all industries by providing the ability to leverage data to deliver results. These solutions are practical, proven, and trusted by an impressive portfolio of global enterprise marketing teams. I am very excited to join the Sureshot team and empower marketers to overcome these challenges with our intuitive, plug-n-play platform” said Petko.

David York, the Founder and CEO of Sureshot is looking forward to Petko bringing his analytical mind, goal-driven approach and CX prowess to Sureshot. “I’ve known Chris for nearly 20 years and have always admired his ability to build high-performance teams. His deep knowledge of technology combined with his talent for uniting people to achieve goals will be vitally important to Sureshot as we continue to grow,” said York.

York said Chris will also play a major role in enabling Sureshot to maintain its reputation for providing exceptional service to customers. “When a company experiences the kind of exponential growth that Sureshot has, CX can suffer from a gap that forms between customer demand and team availability. I am confident my hiring plan and experience with scale-ups will enable us [Sureshot] to continue our trajectory of triple-digit growth while enhancing the customer experience,” said Petko.

Prior to joining Sureshot, Petko served as the Vice President of CX for Uberflip, a content experience platform, and the Vice President of Operations and CX for Vena, one of the fastest growing CPM solutions. He also worked for Oracle Eloqua for over 12 years as a global consultant and director of multiple departments including marketing operations, sales and customer success.

About Sureshot: Sureshot helps B2B marketers realize the full potential of the investments they have made in their marketing technology. Through a powerful combination of software, services, and technology integrations, we solve the problems that plague marketers, from data visibility and quality, to campaign automation and performance, to technology integrations and beyond. Our highly skilled teams are masters at empowering customers to do more with their data; scale highly personalized, no-touch, cross-channel campaigns; and integrate their martech in ways that reduce manual steps and improve the customer experience (CX).