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Marketing Data Quality Video Series

Episode 1: Marketability Episode 1: Marketability There are six primary metrics for measuring data quality and you can check out all six now when you watch our webinar, Marketing Data Answers On Demand. In today’s marketing minute, we are covering your reach or marketability  In short, your marketability is measured by whether or not you…

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How to Leverage Account Based Marketing in a Crisis

Never before has a personal touch mattered more. With the vast majority of people under strict stay-at-home policies, highly personalized messaging is more well-received than mass marketing techniques that aren’t typically highly relevant to each customer.

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The Future of Marketing Is Here: Automating Data-Driven Campaigns

As a marketer, your life revolves around data, yet a common challenge for marketers is visibility into the many corporate databases that hold prized data just waiting to be used. How much effort do you spend manually locating data you can trust to drive your campaign decisions?

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Why Do In-Depth Marketing Metrics Matter?

Marketing metrics lay the groundwork for any successful marketing strategy.

Also known as key performance indicators (KPIs), they allow you to plan, measure, and optimize your activities. You’re able to make educated decisions, which are rooted in facts and figures.

But, there’s one issue. Selecting the right metrics across a multitude of channels can be tricky. They have to be telling and tangible, as well as make sense in a specific business context.

It’s not all about sales, brand awareness, and leads either— that’s just the surface. What you need is an in-depth approach, which successfully uncovers your strengths and weaknesses.

So, get ready to build an invaluable treasury of business intelligence. It holds the key to getting the most bang for your buck with your marketing.

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