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Don’t Overlook These Important Benefits of Marketing Automation

Without effective marketing, you don’t have new leads, and your existing customers may not know the full scope of what you have to offer.

But manual marketing is time-intensive. If you’re trying to handle it yourself, you’re losing valuable time for other income-generating activities.

That’s where marketing automation comes into play. The benefits of marketing automation can help you in many aspects of running your business, but ultimately it helps you grow your company and increase profits.

According to 91% of marketers who use marketing automation, it is very important to their online marketing success.

Saves You Time

Automation drastically shrinks the time you spend on your marketing tasks. The biggest time savings is eliminating the menial tasks that bog you down when you handle your marketing manually. 

This means you can get your marketing campaigns running faster, which means they reach your potential customers faster.

You also give yourself more time to handle other tasks that generate income for your company. 

Stretches Your Marketing Budget

Yes, you have to invest in the automation software upfront. But over time, your investment pays off by stretching your marketing budget significantly.

Statistics show that marketing automation decreases marketing overhead by 12.2%.

It saves you on staffing costs since you’re not putting as many work hours toward repetitive marketing tasks. You can either have fewer people on staff or use your current staff on other projects that add more value.

You can also get a lot more marketing done without continually investing more money. Once the systems are in place, they work for you. Marketing automation gives you a good return on investment.

Frees Up Staff

With more of the marketing done automatically, you don’t need as many staff members working on your marketing projects. If you have just one marketing person, you can free up that team member’s time to be more strategic.

Much marketing work is mundane and repetitive. It has to get done, but it doesn’t help you create anything new.

With more time available, your staff can get more creative with what they’re doing. This can help you better grow your business and set yourself apart with the new ideas your staff can execute.

Customizes Marketing

Setting up rules within your marketing automation program lets you customize the experience for each contact. A certain action by a contact might trigger a specific response, such as a text message or an email reminder.

The software customizes your marketing automatically across all of your leads. That level of customization done manually at any scale would be impossible.

The best systems use data from multiple sources to customize your campaigns. That information triggers appropriate messages or marketing techniques to get the best response from that customer.

Increases Profits

Automated marketing stands to increase your profits and encourage bigger orders from customers.

The customized recommendations we just mentioned may encourage your customers to buy more than they planned. The system helps with up-sells and cross-sells to increase the average order size.

Marketing automation also allows you to prioritize leads. This helps your sales staff focus their attention on the best possibilities instead of wasting time on weak leads. It may help increase your chances of closing sales with larger potential customers.

Reduces Errors and Missed Opportunities

Once you get someone in your funnel, you likely have different directions that lead can go based on their actions and responses. Someone who fills out this form might receive this series of emails, or a person in a certain demographic may receive different information.

If you’re managing those processes manually, you have the potential to make mistakes. You might miss a good lead that doesn’t get tagged correctly, meaning they miss out on marketing that could lead to a sale.

When you set up the rules in your automation software, the program handles everything. You eliminate the chances of human error and reduce those missed opportunities.

Allows for Tracking

Being a data-driven marketer can help you improve your results.

Automated marketing campaigns can provide highly detailed reports of the results. It can break down different types of customers and what works well for them.

That in-depth reporting can help you improve your marketing and help you decide where to focus your energy.

It can also help identify the trouble spots in your process. If the reports show your marketing is generating lots of leads but you’re not getting many sales, you may have in issue with your sales staff closing deals.

Supports Scalability

Growth is what you want in your business, but scaling your marketing efforts can be time-consuming and costly. You may find it difficult to keep up with the growth.

Automation software lets you easily scale your efforts easily. It can handle rapidly growing lists of leads and clients without slowing down.

Offers Ongoing A/B Testing

When you’re doing everything manually, A/B testing is time-consuming. You might do a few tests, but you likely don’t have the time to continue.

Marketing automation makes it easier to conduct A/B testing, and you can continue doing it easily.

That continuous, automated testing helps you improve your marketing campaigns. You can tweak your methods to make them more effective, so your sales funnel is more efficient.

Reaches Customers Across Multiple Platforms

Automated marketing systems let you connect with your leads across multiple platforms. That might include email, phone calls, text messages, postcards, or other methods.

This offers more customization based on what a customer might prefer. Leads are more likely to respond if you meet them where they are and in ways they like to interact.

It also keeps you on the minds of your potential customers because they get interaction in different ways. You get your message in front of your current or potential customers more often to keep them engaged and interested.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

The benefits of marketing automation help companies of all sizes. Automating your marketing helps you work more efficiently, which saves time and increases your profits.

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