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10 Tips for Email Workflow Automation

The fastest-growing lifeblood of efficient email marketing is workflow automation, and it is delivering results that many companies had only dreamed of.

Understanding proper automated email workflow can be an involved process. The more you understand how, why, and when to operate proper email workflow, the more dividends you can get.

Interested in how to make email marketing automation work for you? Here are the basics and where to start.

1. Find the Right Automation Services

Automated email workflows are set up to craft a specific purpose for a specific grouping of customers. Once set up, they can operate without your worry.

Crafting these email workflows requires powerful software. There may be a great number of software options out there that can operate proper email workflow, but some are a cut above the rest.

Make sure you get software that works and you can operate with confidence. Otherwise understanding email workflow amounts to nothing.

2. Understanding Triggers

When crafting a workflow, you need to craft the right information to target the right customers at the right time. These are triggers, and where you apply them will make or break your workflow.

A trigger can mark any action a customer can take. This will trigger the software to send them the associated email.

These actions are often centered on links that customers click and purchases they make. By understanding what these actions mean and how best to respond, you can create the perfect email workflows.

3. Generation Around Topics

The content you craft is the cornerstone of your business.

As such, the most basic of email workflows revolves around access to the topics you create. For each different topic, create a workflow targeting that specific topic.

This allows you to give an automatic welcome to any who starts to browse your content. This welcoming invitation can help to push people further into your content. It also has the potential to make them explore other content as well.

4. New Subscribers

That connected subscription to your blog and content is a powerful milestone in customer relations. It means that they have seen what samples are on your website and are eager to see what you can offer in the future.

Don’t disappoint them. By crafting a workflow to give them an immediate “tour of the website”, you can showcase what the future may lie and invite them into the next step of customer engagement.

It can also be a powerful tool to draw them into going from curious subscribers to paying customers. Rewarding them as they pay to a subscription or purchase a product with more content and information is a good way to keep them going.

5. Praising Engagement

One of the most exciting things to find in your customer base is engagement. The more engagement any one customer has, the more powerful of a customer they can be.

Not only will an engaged customer want to buy and take in more of your products and content, but they will be more eager to spread the word of the content they enjoy.

These email workflows should focus on putting that engagement to use. Often called evangelical workflows, they can welcome the customer to share their love of your product for various rewards or items.

6. Nurturing the Lead

While some may dive in head first, most customers will take the small sampling and play it slow. While you should be careful not to shove emails down their throat, coaxing them along is a good start.

Triggering off of those initial downloads, you can craft an email workflow around events and products catered to draw people in further.

This process of bringing contacts and customers further and further into your business is like a funnel. Initial contact is the top of the funnel, while this step will move towards the middle of the funnel.

You want to inch them in deeper and deeper, until the bottom of the funnel where they are a loyal customer.

7. Notifying Sales Representatives

Email workflow triggers don’t have to be for your customers only. You can use the same tactics to keep your employees informed and ready for action.

When a customer is at a high-interest point, a great way to help bring them into the fold is with a personalized customer sales representative. You don’t want to push a sales rep on them too soon, so you need a good trigger.

When the customer has reached a stage of decent engagement, then you can trigger your sales rep to start the process with an introduction email.

8. Reconnecting with Contacts

Sometimes customer’s interest drops or they get busy with other details. Spamming them with reminders to try your products will get annoying. Well-spaced out and sincere reconnection notices can bring them back.

The importance here is to be persistent without being annoying. No one likes a constant barrage, and it is even worse when you were already uncertain of the product.

Reconnection emails should be sincere and offer solid reasons and deals for reconnecting.

9. Event Notifications

Prime engagement often comes with big events. You don’t need a grand ball to catch people’s eyes, but a webinar with a well-known guest can be fantastic.

These events are big and best marketed to those who already have a reasonable connection to the company. This means those who already have the page views and downloads to be about the middle of the funnel.

These events can be a great way to solidify customers into the bottom of the funnel and as loyal customers.

10. Connections Over Purchases

Even the most engaged customers won’t stay that way if they feel abandoned. To keep them around, keep the flow going with email workflows triggered to purchases and past actions.

This is an upkeep variation on the topic generation noted above. Focus on what they enjoy, keep them going with the lastest related content, and then branch them off to similar content.

The more you engage with the customer, the more confident they will be in your appreciation of them.

Getting the Correct Email Workflow

Email workflow can lay a foundation of efficiency and customer service that can catapult your business at any level. With the ease of its use and the power of its results, it is absurd not to try it.

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