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10 Examples of SMS Advertising and Marketing Campaigns

SMS is still a very loved and popular smartphone feature. This makes it one of the most engaging when it comes to connecting with customers. Regardless of more flashy app development and advanced features, SMS advertising has prevailed.

Here are 10 essential marketing messaging examples and tips. They’ll show you the best ways to get the most out of text messaging. It’ll also help you create a high-quality and high-return text message advertising strategy.

That and SMS, Rich Media Messaging will bring your next marketing campaign to the next level.

Ask For Permission First

This is especially important than most other SMS marketing tips. Customers often view their smartphones as a personal space, so avoid pushing boundaries. Companies must get permission before sending a text message ad to their customers.

Companies can get their permission in multiple ways. You can create campaign collateral and ask customers to opt-in via a shortcode keyword. Or you can ask customers to check the opt-in box to receive an e-newsletter to receive more service information.

Businesses must be transparent with their customers. Customers should also know what to expect once they are opted-in. That includes how often they will receive messages and what type of content they will receive.

Make Messaging Personal

SMS advertising gives your business a unique opportunity to connect with your customers. Personalized text message advertising makes communicating more one-on-one and genuine. Take advantage of this by keeping the copy on a text message unique and authentic.

Include their name in the promo messages. Mention any recent activity with your business, like shipping updates for example. And customize the text messaging ad to their specific location.

Add Value to Messages

Sending promo messages is not enough to keep customers engaged by text.

Recipients should see value in the text message ad. That could be the information you present or the special offer they are receiving. This will prompt them to click through and act on promotions.

Try creating coupons and promotional offers unique to your SMS advertising list. Target promotions based on customer behaviors and segments to make campaigns more personal. Switch up the strategy of your promotions to add variety and avoid a stale campaign.

Leading the Conversation

Text messaging advertising provides endless opportunities for companies. One of which is the advantage of starting conversations with consumers. Beyond sending appointment reminders, you can let customers send back their personal questions.

A text messaging ad allows for more enjoyable customer experience. If you allow customers to ask important questions via text, they are more likely to continue interacting. You avoid the 32 percent of people hanging up once they’re put on hold.

Integrate Rich Media into SMS Advertising

Good text advertising is more than just plain text. Now it is possible to earn higher engagement rates through texts and the user experience. The right platform can help you set up mobile landing pages that provide features that strengthen your campaign.

Those considering Rich Communication Services should start with Rich Media Messaging first. Your text message advertising can have the same features as a web page or email. This avoids the need for any in-house development.

Make Promotions Feel Exclusive

Send your SMS advertising list deals even if the offers are not as exclusive as they seem. Consumers enjoy knowing that they’re receiving a good deal. Your company can take advantage of this by creating a feeling of exclusivity.

Make your customers feel like a VIP member by branding your campaign that way. Mention customers by name and give them an offer as a thank you for their commitment and loyalty to your brand. Or send new customers promotional coupons that are exclusively for “new members”.

Create Urgency in the Call-to-Action

Create a sense of urgency to call customers to action before it’s too late. It should excite your audience and motivate them to take action right away.

Take advantage of customers’ fear of missing out by having a sense of scarcity in your campaigns. You should avoid sending messages just for the sake of it. Each message should send your customers to a strong Call to Action.

Successful marketing message examples include:

  • Urging customers to take advantage of deals or to leave a review to receive an incentive
  • Asking customers to confirm their appointment today
  • Offering an exclusive prize for customers who leave a review

Have Strategic Timing

Customers usually have their phones close by nearly 24 hours a day. Yet, they don’t want to get disruptive messages during their day. The timing of your company’s promo messages should, therefore, be very strategic.

You can test your campaign success through metrics like open-rates and click-through rates. They will help you identify who your top customers and regions are. This data will also help to create more targeted future campaigns.

You should also use your market, location, and user data to customize text messaging ad delivery. You can target a specific area that your customers live in. Then you can send promo messages when they can be most receptive, such as the afternoon versus the late evening.

Use User Data

SMS advertising can provide more information and data about your audience than other forms of marketing. You can collect information regarding their demographics, mobile use responsiveness, site preferences, and more. You can use SMS analytics platforms to successfully retrieve user data.

Knowing your customers open-rate can help with time-sensitive promotions. The information helps you focus on those kinds of offers and better your conversion rate. You can also adjust your delivery times if you get to see when they typically open messages.

Remaining Consistent

Remaining consistent increases the favorability of your brand.

Once you establish these marketing strategies, stick to them! That is unless your metrics tell you otherwise. Have a consistent tone in your promo messages. Schedule them so that you are less intrusive to your audience.

Bottom Line

It’s time to get started with SMS advertising. There are many benefits to these marketing message examples that you can start today. These strategies will enhance your digital marketing efforts towards your business.

Give some of these text messaging advertising a try on your next campaign. And for more advice on content marketing and SMS advertising, check out our blog!