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3 Ways to Enhance Your Experience With Adobe Experience Manager

An overwhelming majority of B2B Chief Marketing Officers (86%) maintain that their customers’ experiences are their highest priority. It’s no wonder then that Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) has become one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) on the market.

If you are like most marketing leaders, you purchased AEM so you could better manage the web and mobile content of your personalized campaigns, which is a great start. However, if that’s all you’re using AEM for, you are missing out on some amazing opportunities to push the boundaries of what AEM can do for your marketing ops team, your campaigns and your overall marketing goals. In today’s blog, we’ll show you three ways to amp your AEM experience and get more value from the investment you’ve made in the world’s leading CMS.

#1 — Integrate AEM With Your Entire Marketing Technology Stack
A lot of marketers manage their AEM like the special collections section of a brick-and-mortar library. Yes, there’s lots of great content in there, but no, you can’t take it out of the special collections room; it’s too valuable. If this sounds like your current set-up, it’s time you declared war on data silos and expanded your AEM content library with an all-access pass to all the great data and content stored throughout your martech stack. Connecting your AEM content library to all the other content sources in your stack has loads of benefits, including:

  • Expanding and diversifying your content catalog
  • Enhancing your personalization strategy
  • Reducing costs of content development
  • Increasing the lifecycles of content via repurposing

How Do You Make the Right Connection?
Integrating AEM with everything in your stack used to be a hassle that required a little help from your friends in IT, but these days all you need is a couple of tools: a data orchestration tool and a message orchestration tool.

A data orchestration tool centralizes your view of and access to data wherever it is stored in your martech stack. It also ensures data quality is maintained across all connected sources and it allows you to control how all of your tools share and use data.

A message orchestration tool continuously mines all connected sources for content that can be used in campaigns across a variety of channels. When this tool is connected to your AEM, it allows you to scale super-personalized campaigns through time-saving automated workflows.

#2 — Add Multiple Outbound Channels to Your AEM Repertoire
AEM is pretty phenomenal when it comes to creating web and social experiences, so why not expand on its strengths by adding more channels to the mix? After all, research has proven time and again that more channels equals more engagement, more conversions and more repeat business. Check out these impressive stats if you need motivation to expand your AEM mix:

  • Using three or more channels in a campaign leads to a 494% higher order rate than a single-channel campaign
  • Cross-channel campaigns that include SMS are 429% more likely to end in conversion
  • Cross-channel campaigns that include push messages have a whopping 614% higher order rate, than single-channel campaigns

How to Pursue Triple-Digit Multi-Channel Results
Adding more channels to AEM is easy when you add a journey orchestration tool to your stack. A journey orchestration tool compliments AEM’s customer experience controls by connecting your AEM canvas to a variety of channels and enabling you to build and deploy cross-channel campaigns with streamlined ease. Best of all, it automates this process through a workflow engine that triggers the launch of synchronized marketing campaigns. A few of the channels you should consider adding to your AEM mix are messaging apps, like Facebook and WhatsApp, SMS, MMS, RCS and Push. In short, if there’s a channel your customers prefer, put it on your priority list of channels to implement, and then kick back and be amazed by the results you achieve.

#3 — Improve AEM Campaign Personalization
Modern B2B customers expect an engaging and fully personalized experience with your brand—on every channel they choose to engage with your company. Fortunately, when you fully integrate AEM with the rest of your stack it’s much easier to give them what they want. Current research shows that:

  • 72% of customers respond to personalized marketing messages
  • 70% of companies that rely on advanced personalization see a 200%+ ROI
  • 51% of marketers report that personalization across multiple channels increases ROI by 300%+

Segment, Experiment, Nurture, Automate
Once you have all of your marketing tech connected to AEM and sharing both clean data and content, you are ready to up the ante on the level of personalization your campaigns feature. A tried-and-true way to increase personalization is to start with smaller cross-sections of your ideal customers based on shared commonalities and create more narrowly focused segments. Next, you can experiment with a variety of data fields to find the personalization criteria that resonates best with each segment. Afterward, you are ready to develop personalized nurture campaigns that are designed to work across multiple channels. Lastly, the way to make super-personalized campaigns entirely scalable (regardless of the size of your target and segments) is to use AEM and your journey automation tool to automate as many of the processes involved as possible.