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Why You Should Incorporate Segmentation Marketing into your 2021 Strategy

What Is Segmentation Marketing? Because consumers are so different across demographics, geographies, behaviors and psychographics, it is impossible to capture everyone’s interest with a narrow marketing strategy, such as account-based marketing. Segmentation marketing is a tactic that helps marketers discover their target audiences so they can customize their marketing strategies to specific consumers that share…

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3 Scary Issues Plaguing Your Cross-Channel Campaigns

In the Halloween horror movie franchise, part of what amps the fear factor is that no matter how fast everyone else is running, Michael Myers (the villain) is always slowly and steadily walking down his victims. B2B marketing can feel like Halloween sometimes in that while you’re running full-stop to create cross-channel success, there is…

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Data-Driven Marketing Trends in 2021

Data-Driven Marketing Trends in 2021: Some New, Some Remain The internet is nothing new, but more people than ever are accessing it and other digital channels. Prior to COVID-19, 28 percent of American adults reported they go online “almost constantly” and another 45 percent saying they go online several times a day. That number has…

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