Why Sureshot?

The Martech Universe Is Expanding Rapidly.

Marketing organizations in pursuit of 21st-century customer engagement have found the world of marketing technology to be one in a constant state of growth and change. There is not only a demand to keep up with the latest and greatest tools, but an even more pressing need to connect them in ways that allow you to simplify and streamline processes, leverage data in more productive ways, and accomplish goals with greater speed than the competition.

51% of organizations use 21 or more marketing technology solutions.

– Econsultancy

The marketing technology landscape currently offers over 5,000 martech solutions.

– chiefmartec.com

Marketers Are Feeling the Effects.

It’s ironic that the array of tools all promising to simplify every marketer’s life are the very culprits creating so much complexity. A few of the negative consequences of contending with too many tools include:

Disconnected Channels

93% of marketers have siloed teams and technologies by channel.

– Econsultancy

Disconnected Identities

89% of marketers are not confident in the audience they’re targeting.

– Nielsen

Disconnected Tools

39% of the 5,000 martech solutions available were introduced this year.

– chiefmartech.com

We Make Marketing Connect.

At Sureshot, we create solutions that connect your tech and make things work together to accomplish your marketing goals. Intelligent and intuitive, our connections do more than streamline your processes, they empower your marketing technologies to talk, leverage data in smarter ways, and solve critical marketing and sales challenges. In short, chaos is banished and functionality is restored to your marketing world.

Solutions for Enterprise Marketers

Our pre-built connectors solve tough marketing issues with plug-n-play ease; and our smart connector framework enables all the tools in your stack to work together in more productive and profitable ways.

Solutions for Martech Providers

We deliver turnkey integrations for SaaS software providers that empower apps to connect with speed and efficiency. Our simple user interfaces and embedded widgets ensure that non-technical users always have a great experience.

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