Get More From Your Data.
Enriched Data Enhances Customer Experiences and Your Bottom Line.

Sureshot helps you improve the accuracy and quality of your data by cleaning, verifying, updating and
adding comprehensive customer and business information in real-time.

Fill in the Blanks

Add comprehensive information to contacts that empowers you to connect with customers in more meaningful ways.

Protect Your Reputation

Maintain high deliverability numbers, as well as a good sender reputation by ensuring data is verified before sending.

Build Loyalty

Promote trust with customers through more accurate data that demonstrates that you know them and understand their desires.

Customize Messaging

Use detailed data to personalize marketing campaigns and speak to individual interests.

Reduce Campaign Waste

Eliminate bounce-backs, wrong addresses, bad numbers and other costly misinformation through cleaner data.

Improve Decisions

Use real-time customer insights to identify patterns, predict behaviors and unveil new opportunities.

25% of the average B2B marketer’s database is inaccurate and 60% of companies have an overall data health that’s “unreliable.”
– SiriusDecisions

Connected tools = Better marketing 

Connect Quickly

Achieve results in minutes with easy-to-use pre-built apps.

Scale faster

Speed-up processes, increase productivity and promote innovation.

Optimize Resources

Reduce the number of manual tasks performed by your team.

Access Experts

Get help from a team of experts with deep marketing know-how.

Dominate Data

Improve your database with help from industry-leading providers.

Be Empowered

Reduce reliance on IT with user-friendly connectors.

Build Efficiently

Easily connect to countless other apps, tools and systems.

Feel Secure

Enterprise-class security ensures your customer data is safe.

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