About SureShot

Your Wish. Our Command. (a.k.a. the SureShot story)

You know the space between what you wish you could do and what’s actually possible? That’s our sweet spot. In 2010, we began developing custom apps and plug-n-play solutions that provided the answer to “I wish I could (fill in the blank) with my marketing/sales/CRM platform.


It’s not so much that our talented team of designers and developers are mar-tech genies, (although that topic is open for debate); it’s just that we love simple solutions as much as you do. It’s as gratifying to create them as it is to use them.


Our relentless pursuit of solving mar-tech’s most annoying problems has led us to develop a pioneering platform for integrations that allows tech to talk to each other, interact, and use data in smarter, more intuitive ways. It’s very cool; sort of like being at the United Nations and being able to instantly understand and converse with everyone in the room without a translator.


Of course, we’ve also developed amazingly useful solutions that answer the call for more engaging and productive cross-channel, mobile and automated marketing efforts. And as you’d expect, user experience, relationship building, and brand loyalty guide every element of our development process. But enough about us. Tell us what you wish you could do. We’d love to make it happen.

A Brief SureShot History

2010 Founded by David York to develop smarter tools for sales and marketing
2011 Develops SparkPlugs, a series of apps that allows marketers to enhance their use of Eloqua
2012 Begins developing custom apps for a series of high-profile clients
2013 Recognized as Oracle Marketing Cloud’s AppCloud Partner of the Year
2014 Introduces Message, Voice, Feed (and more) – Apps that simplify cross-channel marketing within Eloqua
2015 Joins forces with fellow mar-tech visionaries, Connexio Labs, and opens an office in Charlotte, NC
2016 Releases REACH – a CRM embeddable that enables sales teams to send marketing-approved cross-channel communications
2017 Launches Incindio, a.k.a. the next generation in API integration platform