About SureShot

Smarter Tools for Marketing and Sales.

At SureShot, we are thinkers, visionaries and people who take action. We create smart plug-n-play products, develop custom apps and deliver expert solutions that empower your marketing platforms to work together; do more; go farther; and achieve the impossible.

So Why SureShot?

It seems all companies list the same reasons to do business with them – superior quality, great customer service, years of experience, an endless list of happy clients, yada, yada, yada. We have all those things. But we also do more, including:

    We realize you can save money by not hiring us at all, but when you’ve got to accomplish something, we make a worthwhile investment. We efficiently deliver quality solutions, and that type of work reduces costs, improves your company’s effectiveness and boosts your bottom line.
    Deadlines are the bane of a marketer’s existence and cause for many late nights at the office. We’re pros at making you look good, and that means meeting tight deadlines. Our team is flexible and scalable. We make our living after 5 and on weekends. Red Bull anyone?
    You wouldn’t install a new car engine without an expert because there’s risk involved. If you do it wrong, the whole thing is toast. Hiring technology experts is the same. We provide the expertise and support necessary to deliver “the goods” on-time and on-budget, minimizing your risk.
    We believe that our lives and our work should be about something bigger than us. SureShot donates a percentage of company revenue to global causes.