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An API Integration Delivery Platform

For Marketing & Sales Applications

Experience Next Generation Integration.
Transform Tech Connections Into Conversations.

Incindio is a fully-managed API integration platform that delivers full-featured prebuilt or custom integrations for both SaaS software providers and enterprise marketing teams. Unlike traditional integration solutions, Incindio goes beyond data transfer and enables cloud services and apps, on-premise technology and hybrids to interact, empowering you to better leverage your data and realize a greater return from your mar-tech investments.

Grow Faster

A solution designed to accommodate growth and change, Incindio enables you to quickly expand your connectors to any mar-tech software provider. Best of all, the ability to build once and connect to many reduces development costs while opening the door to increased sales and new markets.

Be Versatile

Incindio has connections to all the popular marketing and sales platforms, and can be connected to any system with an available API. Incindio also enables you to create and support custom integrations that meet your customer’s needs without disrupting standard product-centric integrations.

Take it Easy

Incindio’s user-friendly and intuitive interface ensures integrations are easy for both novices and experts. Should you have any questions, Incindio’s service team is ever-ready to make sure your integrations, from custom to standard, are a painless and positive experience.

Feel Secure

Built with security in mind, Incindio is a solution that empowers you to engage in multiple integrations knowing that your company and customer data are well-protected. Hosted in a state-of-the-art, high-security cloud hosting center, Incindio is held to the highest standards for data integrity and compliance.

Integration Points

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