Your Customers Are Hungry. Feed Them.

Dynamic email content feeds enable you to increase engagement by giving customers the information they want. From news, special offers and blogs, to articles, events, account history and more, Feed equips your company with a hyper-targeted content channel for customers. Great for providing customer-centric communications and generating web traffic, Feed lets customers know you’re paying attention to their needs.

Improve Visibility

Cut through the clutter and generate more interest with customers through highly targeted content feeds. Feed extends your content’s life cycle, giving you more mileage from all the content you post via RSS, and helping you reach and interact with a broader audience.

Increase Engagement

Get in front of customers more often by providing them with content in a convenient feed format (sourced from either RSS or Custom Objects). A fully automated engagement mechanism, Feed enables subscribers to receive triggered emails with your latest content.

Seamless Integration

Feed integrates seamlessly with Eloqua and empowers you to deliver highly targeted information to customers in short, direct communications that engage their interests and generate clicks. Intuitive yet powerful, Feed makes it quick and painless for you to create dynamic customer-centric communications.

Build Relationships

Build trust and mutually rewarding relationships with customers and visitors through communications that are tailored to their interests. Feed is ideal for supporting marketing campaigns, providing customers with purchase histories and available inventory, alerting customers of events in their vicinity, and more.

Get Started

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