Sureshot Strategic Agency Program

Be Their Hero. Champion Sureshot Solutions.

Sureshot solutions solve the problems that plague your customer’s marketing efforts, from poor data visibility (Command) and fragmented content and channels (Activate) to monotonous manual marketing processes (Connect). Our cloud-based software is user-friendly, easy to integrate, and fully supported by our team, which is why our Strategic Agency Program partners recommend us with confidence.

Refer Sureshot. Receive Rewards.

Program participants who refer clients or peers that purchase one (or all) of our solutions will receive a referral bonus that is based on the referral’s total purchase. In addition, partners enjoy discounts on Sureshot solutions that increase with each referral that becomes a customer.

We Make Marketing Connect.

At Sureshot, we create solutions that connect your tech and make things work together to accomplish your marketing goals. Intelligent and intuitive, our connections do more than streamline your processes, they empower your marketing technologies to talk, leverage data in smarter ways, and solve critical marketing and sales challenges. In short, chaos is banished and functionality is restored to your marketing world.

  • Expand Your Offerings/Services
    Sureshot solutions fill several gaps in the martech arena, and enable you to offer a more comprehensive approach to martech stack optimization.
  • Reach New Clients
    Sureshot’s tech agnostic solutions integrate seamlessly with other leading martech tools, i.e. Hubspot, Marketo, Oracle, etc., and empower you to appeal to a broader audience.
  • Provide Value
    Designed to solve the top three challenges that marketers face, Sureshot tools are easy-to-use and enable everyone on the team to do their jobs without relying on IT.
  • Produce Revenue
    Program participants can accrue referral fees and subscription discounts without limit.

How Does the Strategic Agency Program Work?

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Upon signing a partnership agreement, you can begin earning bonuses and discounts for submitting referrals.

Ideal Program Participants

Consultants and companies that specialize in demand generation, marketing operations, martech implementation and B2B marketing services represent the majority of participants in our program. These professionals hail from a variety of marketing companies, including:

  • Integrated Marketing Firms
  • Ad Agencies
  • Specialist Marketing Agencies
  • In-House Agencies
  • Global Consultancies
  • Boutique Consultancies
  • Individual Marketing Consultants

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