Sureshot Strategic Agency Program

Promote Goodness. Champion Sureshot Solutions.

Promote Goodness. Champion Sureshot Solutions.
Sureshot services and solutions enable marketers to do more with less effort. Each cloud-based solution is user-friendly, easy to integrate and fully supported by a knowledgeable team dedicated to improving data quality and usage (DataZen); campaign performance (CampaignZen); and marketing technology functionality (MartechZen).


  1. Purchase Sureshot Solutions. Repackage Them for Your Customers.
    Sureshot’s product and service offerings can be white labeled to feature your company’s brand. This enables you to equip your customers with proven solutions while simultaneously building brand awareness and trust. Best of all, we do all the work for you, from set-up to ongoing service.
  2. Refer Sureshot. Receive Rewards.
    Program participants who refer people that purchase one (or all) of our solutions will receive a referral bonus that is based on the referral’s total purchase. In addition, partners enjoy discounts on Sureshot solutions that increase with each referral that becomes a customer.

Good for Your Business and Ours.

Beyond receiving bonuses and discounts, there are a multitude of advantages that come with referring Sureshot solutions, including the ability to:

  • Expand Your Offerings/Services
    Sureshot solutions fill several gaps in the martech arena, and enable you to offer a more comprehensive approach to martech stack optimization.
  • Reach New Clients
    Sureshot’s tech agnostic solutions integrate seamlessly with other leading martech tools, i.e. Hubspot, Marketo, Oracle, etc., and empower you to appeal to a broader audience.
  • Provide Value
    Designed to solve the top three challenges that marketers face, Sureshot tools are easy-to-use and enable everyone on the team to do their jobs without relying on IT.
  • Produce Revenue
    Program participants can accrue referral fees and subscription discounts without limit.



Achieve complete marketing data enlightenment through Sureshot DataZen, a custom mix of  products, services and integrations that empower you to:

  • Validate, enrich and monitor the data quality of your marketing segments
  • Acquire the data needed to reach your Total Addressable Market (TAM) 
  • Integrate marketing and sales technologies 
  • Optimize and automate data processes and workflows
  • Increase lead generation by automating ABM practices  
  • Leverage data to personalize warm (opt-in) and cold (prospecting) nurture campaigns



Reach campaign nirvana by delivering personalized, data-driven, cross-channel campaigns at scale. Sureshot CampaignZen seamlessly weaves content, channels and workflow automation together so you can:

  • Connect sources across your enterprise 
  • Automate content creation
  • Add new marketing channels to existing martech
  • Leverage data from multiple sources to create hyper-personalized campaigns
  • Automate friction-free, cross-channel customer journeys 
  • Launch and manage targeted and results-driven campaigns 



Find martech inner peace while managing your ever-growing technology stack. Sureshot MartechZen simplifies complex technology integrations and enables you to overcome limitations and:

  • Assess and map current marketing technology to workflows
  • Configure integrations to support marketing processes and objectives
  • Create automated workflows to supplement integration gaps
  • Enhance martech capabilities and improve performance
  • Provide guidance on stack adjustments as goals change

Two Steps to Become an Agency Partner

So how does the Strategic Agency Program work? It’s simple, just follow the steps below:

  1. Schedule a call with our Alliances and Partnership team by submitting the form below.
  2. Upon signing a partnership agreement, you can begin earning bonuses and discounts for submitting referrals.

Ideal Program Participants

Consultants and companies that specialize in demand generation, marketing operations, martech implementation and B2B marketing services represent the majority of participants in our program. These professionals hail from a variety of marketing companies, including:

  • Integrated Marketing Firms
  • Ad Agencies
  • Specialist Marketing Agencies
  • In-House Agencies
  • Global Consultancies
  • Boutique Consultancies
  • Individual Marketing Consultants

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