Sureshot’s Summer ’22 Product Release Is

Hot! Hot! Hot!

We've Launched New Integrations for Orchestrating Data, Messages and Customer Journeys

Automating complex revenue operations processes at scale is Sureshot's bread and butter and our newest integrations are built for just that. Beyond connecting tech, these integrations (along with our team's expertise) enable you to fully automate critical marketing challenges that are often manual in nature or go unresolved.

Sureshot Solutions:
Enhanced Data Cleansing  ·  Waterfall Enrichment  ·  Data Activation  ·  Personalization at Scale
Channel Activation  ·  Automated Outbound  ·  Cross-Platform Journeys  ·  Sales Enablement

Enhance Quality and Add Enrichment Waterfalls With Our New Contact & Account Data Integrations

Each of our data enrichment integrations offers your databases unique information and datasets. When used collectively, your lists enjoy the benefits of data cleansing enhanced by a continuous “waterfall” of up-to-date information. This empowers you to create more targeted segments, personalize campaigns with precision, gain new insights on customers and make it rain.

Contact & Account Data Integrations

Enrich contacts and accounts using Apollo's stronger intelligence, more demographic data points, and complete company information for 220+ million contacts and 30+ million companies.


(formerly Insideview) Demandbase's powerful account intelligence includes intent, firmographics, technographics, contacts, accounts, and more. Equip campaigns with validated and enriched account data from over 40,000 data sources.


Build better lists with accurate and actionable data for every prospect. Export lists to your CRM and put workflows on autopilot. Use company and contact data for social networks, the web, and Salesforce to explore new revenue opportunities.


Zoom Info's API allows marketers to add comprehensive B2B data into any marketing or sales system with accurate, actionable and validated B2B data for 100+ million companies.

people data labs

Integrate company and personal data on demand, analyze changes over time, and compare companies to ensure you’re making the right decisions. Enjoy access to contact, social, and demographic data for 3+ billion individuals and 18+ million companies.

Email & Phone Validation Integrations

at data logo

(formerly FreshAddress) Activate multiple channels, reduce the risk of lost leads and prevent fraud by verifying and enriching email addresses on-demand. AtData email intelligence empowers you to improve inbox delivery, boost engagement and increase responses.

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Deliver up to 99.9% of your emails, guaranteed! Verify and clean email lists in real-time and reduce bounce rates, boost open rates and enhance the overall performance of campaigns.


Validate, format and enrich phone lists in real-time with accurate mobile and office numbers, and enhance the performance of SMS, messaging, and cold call campaigns.

Make Messaging Magic Happen Across Channels With Tools That Curate and Deliver Content Automatically

Get more bang for the bucks you have invested in content by using tools that search all connected data sources and import the right message for the right customer and deliver it on their preferred channel at just the right time.


Sinch Conversation API expands your marketing reach and reduce obstacles on the buyer’s journey through intelligent and responsive messaging. Reach customers on any channel (including SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and more) through relevant automated messages that build customer relationships.


Spend more time on mission critical marketing endeavors and less time searching for and adapting content when you use AEM to import web content and repurpose it for a variety of personalized messages and cross-channel campaigns.

adobe commerce

(formerly Magento) Import products, catalog and e-commerce data and leverage it to send personalized messages and campaigns to B2B customers across multiple channels.

Automate Customer Journeys By Integrating Segment Data Across Key Platforms in Your Martech Stack

Simplify the complexities of creating seamless customer journeys by automatically triggering data segment imports and exports from key customer experience, marketing automation and analytics platforms.


Amplify the value of existing tech and deploy engaging customer journeys via an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. Increase customer engagement through highly personalized and customer-centric interactions across channels that build long-term rewarding relationships.


Combine quantitative and qualitative analytics and gain a 360 degree view of your customer journey. Enjoy access to powerful customer intel that chronicles user actions on your site, and provides actionable steps on how to maximize every opportunity.


Gather company and personal data on demand, analyze changes over time, and compare companies to ensure you’re making the right decisions. Enjoy access to contact, social, and demographic data for 3+ billion individuals and 18+ million companies.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables you to win customers, engage prospects, and build ongoing productive trust-based relationships with a data-first approach to digital marketing. Deliver personally relevant email conversations that drive action and engagement at every stage of the journey.


Make data-driven decisions that impact customer experiences across all enterprise applications. Gain total visibility into digital assets enterprise-wide, increase adoption and design experiences that reduce friction and increase engagement, sales and customer satisfaction.


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