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Good Manufacturing Practices: Always Use Marketing Technology and Data Management to Your Advantage.

Centralize, organize and optimize data company-wide. Transform data into engaging charts and graphs that reveal actionable insights that impact business performance.

Pull content from across your organization, organize it into queues accessible from a variety of channels, and create highly personal, automated campaigns that resonate with customers.

Increase content efficiency and effectiveness by enabling sales teams to use the CRM or MAP to send marketing-approved communications across all channels.

Empower your marketing team to streamline communications by securely connecting their favorite martech tools with a variety of systems and platforms (Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, etc.).


of manufacturing marketers say higher quality content led to an increase in success last year

Manage Data

Equip your team with centralized access to clean data and enable them to increase efficiencies, boost campaign performance, and deliver a seamless customer experience.

Know the Score

Rank the quality of your data, identify trends, and instantly analyze marketing efforts across channels with the action-ready insights produced by the data dashboard.

Increase Data Quality

Optimize your marketing spend and eliminate bouncebacks caused by redundant and out-of-date entries. Keep lists and databases clean, complete, valid and ready-to-go!

Enable Sales

Achieve sales goals with innovative tools embedded into your CRM that enable sales to customize marketing-approved communications.

Sell Across Channels

Nurture leads with precision across multiple channels, including emails, RSS feeds, SMS/MMS messages, direct mails, voice messages, gifts, and more.

Leverage Data Insights

Use data across your enterprise to create engaging, personalized, cross-channel campaigns. Make smarter decisions and course corrections in real-time.

“Our mission is to improve the lives of CEOs and executives and Sureshot’s SMS connector allows us to respect their time and make sure they get critical event information when they need it. It’s very effective marketing.”
– Amber Brown, Vistage Worldwide

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