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Know the State of Your Data and Total Addressable Market —

Sureshot Command analyzes data on-demand, revealing actionable insights and equipping you with the information you need – when you need it.

Evaluate Your Marketing Data Automatically.

Command integrates with leading MAPs and CRMs and automates the process of monitoring data quality and completeness enterprise-wide. Designed to unite and conquer, Command centralizes your view of data across multiple sources in real-time. It can also trigger workflows, like validation and enrichment, which ensures data is ever-ready for action.

  • Continually update the dashboard from multiple data sources
  • Trigger data validation and enrichment automatically
  • Send subsets of data to any connected system instantly

Identify and Reach Your Total Addressable Market.

Building a high-quality database of sales prospects and customer accounts is every marketer’s priority, but knowing it contains every person and company in your total addressable market (TAM) is the real game-changer. Command features real-time integration with leading data providers, and empowers you to see every single contact and account in your TAM.

  • Compare your database to the universe of customers you could be reaching
  • Identify individual segments that are missing data
  • Know your marketing is reaching the largest audience

Know the Quality of Every Marketing Segment.

Everyone markets to specific segments of their database, but being able to see the quality of the data in those segments at any time isn’t something most marketers can do. Command enables you to view and compare the quality of one segment to another, identify and track trends within each segment, and develop smarter campaigns informed by segment insights.

  • See data quality metrics segment-by-segment
  • Measure the quality of your segment data over time
  • Identify and fix gaps in your segment data

Valuate Marketing Data Via Trends and Scoring.

Command’s data dashboard enables you to track data trends with ease. Marketing ops teams are no longer at the mercy of IT for reports, or forced to perform data jujitsu with Excel spreadsheets; Command enables them to show executives data baselines, benchmarks, trends and improvements.

  • Provide a standard set of scoring metrics for data quality
  • Identify when issues occur by monitoring data over time
  • Track and share data quality baselines and benchmarks

Centralize Data

Create a centralized view of data sources throughout your company, i.e. MAPs, CRMs, martech tools, etc.

Enhance Data Hygiene

Keep data perpetually clean, complete, enriched and ready to rock-n-roll.

Visualize Data

Transform data into graphs, charts and tables that bring insights to life.

Measure Marketability

Analyze your ability to market to contacts across channels.

Score Data Quality

Rank data quality across multiple characteristics, including email, address, phone, etc.

Analyze Market Fit

Assess how well contacts align with Ideal Customer Profiles across one or multiple targets.

Ready to Take Command of Your Data?

Discover the advantages that visibility into your data, segments and total addressable market bring.