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Better Marketing Begins With Better Data.

Enrich, Manage, and Leverage the Power of Your Data With Command.

Sureshot Command enables you to organize and optimize data, glean actionable insights, and improve the performance of your marketing campaigns.

An Arsenal of Data Insights at Your Fingertips.

Command gives you a centralized view of data from a variety of sources across your company, and transforms this information into easy-to-see and understand insights that reveal actionable intel.

360° Data Views

Gain an unbiased and comprehensive view of all the contacts and companies residing in data sources throughout your organization.

Marketability Score

Analyze your ability to market to contacts across a variety of channels. Use your score to measure your reach, meet goals, and make projections.

Validate & Append

Access data quality tools from the dashboard to append missing data and validate emails, addresses and phone numbers, etc.

Data Quality Score

Rank the quality of your data across multiple characteristics, including email, address, phone, etc.

Track Progress

Identify information trends, measure data improvement, and track database growth over time.

Complete Data

Evaluate the completeness of your database across all customer and company information fields.

Information Sources

Know the original source of data stored throughout your organization. Identify areas where data overlaps.

Market Fit Analysis

Identify your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) across one or multiple target audiences and assess how well your contacts align with your ICPs.

Export Lists

View any combination of data characteristics and sources and export them as a list to your marketing automation system.

25% of the average B2B marketer’s database is inaccurate and 60% of companies have an overall data health that’s “unreliable.”
– SiriusDecisions


Protect the value of your company’s greatest intellectual asset, eliminate redundant and out-of-date entries, add important info, and ensure your data is always good-to-go.


Integrate information from all tools in your martech stack and provide centralized access to data that empowers your people to share insights securely and deliver a seamless customer experience.


Gain the ultimate competitive advantage by identifying patterns and trends revealed by your data and using these insights to make more informed decisions, faster.

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