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Marketing Data Quality Video Series

Episode 1: Marketability Episode 1: Marketability There are six primary metrics for measuring data quality and you can check out all six now when you watch our webinar, Marketing Data Answers On Demand. In today’s marketing minute, we are covering your reach or marketability  In short, your marketability is measured by whether or not you…

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7 Steps to Leveraging Data to Measure Success – Part Two

In Part Two, we conclude our series, 7 Steps to Leveraging Data to Measure Success, with the final four steps you can take to ensure your data and methodologies are delivering the information and insights you need in order to better understand and share the measurable results your marketing efforts are producing.

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7 Steps to Leveraging Data to Measure Success – Part One

One of the most critical elements of cultivating a marketing operations department that is strategically aligned for success is an ongoing commitment to track the performance of campaigns, people, processes and technology. Those companies that consistently outperform their competitors are the ones who set goals, monitor performance, measure success and course-correct according to what their data reveals.

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