FreshAddress SafeToSend®


Now when you collect e-mail addresses via your website, you can verify they are correct before adding them to your database with FreshAddress SafeToSend. This powerful app catches and corrects invalid and problematic entries – from typos, syntax, and formatting errors, to domain errors and bogus, prank and malicious addresses. SafeToSend also helps you:

  • Build a cleaner database
  • Maximize your email deliverability and response rates
  • Reduce marketing costs associated with bouncing e-mails
  • Avoid being blacklisted by ISPs

How It Works

When someone submits an email address on your site, FreshAddress SafeToSend checks it to confirm the account actually exists and is accepting email. Next, it searches for and corrects typos and misspellings, as well as syntax, format, and top-level domain errors. Finally, SafeToSend protects you from a broad spectrum of problem email addresses. This enables you to:

  • Automatically accept good email addresses
  • Send an error to a user who has submitted a problematic email
  • Suggest a correction to users for misspellings, syntax and formatting errors
  • Protect your list from damaging, but deliverable addresses, including spamtraps, honeypots, frequent spam complainers, role accounts, disposable domains, malicious entries, and bogus addresses

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