Connectivity Redefined.
Scale Your Connector & Integration Strategies with Sureshot.

Sureshot delivers turnkey integrations for SaaS software providers that empower apps to connect with speed and efficiency. Best of all, our simple user interfaces and embedded widgets ensure that non-technical users always have a great experience.

Open new markets. Improve customer satisfaction.
Connect to key technologies through user-friendly integrations.

Marketing Automation

Designed to accommodate growth and change, Sureshot empowers you to connect your products to any automated marketing platform.

CRM Systems

Sureshot has pre-built connections to all the popular sales platforms, enabling you to connect to any system with an available API.

Martech Tools

Build an integration just once for your product and then connect it to as many tools as you desire, without making individual adjustments.

Users love the unprecedented ease of our martech integrations.

Grow Faster

Reduce development costs, increase sales and open doors to new markets by connecting quickly and easily to a variety of tools and systems.

Customize Quickly

Create and support custom connectors that meet customer needs without disrupting standard apps via Sureshot’s versatile and user-friendly connector framework.

Empower Non-Technical Users

Simple and intuitive interfaces ensure both novices and experts are empowered to use connectors without burdening IT for assistance.

Experience Enterprise-level Security

Relax knowing your company, customer data and integrations are secure inside a state-of- the-art cloud hosting center held to the highest standards for data integrity and compliance.

One innovative connector framework.
Endless martech integrations.

User Interfaces

SSO/SAML/OAuth Integration

Elastic Logging &
Log Forwarding

Expert Consulting & Solution Design

SOC2 Type 2 Certification

Embeddable UI Components

Flexible Service Architecture

Direct End User & Escalation Support

Trusted by Leading Martech Compaines

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