Create Content That Resonates.
Get Personal With Customers.

Send scalable, highly targeted marketing campaigns to meet the unique interests of individual customers across all mediums using Sureshot’s powerful personalization connectors.

Customize Content

Use data from RSS, CRM and more to create customer-centric emails featuring account information, purchase history, available inventory, events, etc.

Increase Visibility

Get in front of customers more often through short, direct and highly targeted messages that pique customer interests and generate clicks.

Boost Content ROI

Extend the lifecycle of your content, save money, and reach a broader audience by repurposing content across channels from RSS and SMS, to print, email and beyond.

Leverage Insights

Increase brand loyalty and reduce churn by monitoring content effectiveness across systems and leveraging data to promote more rewarding interactions.

Enhance Experiences

Create consistent messages across all channels through connected tools and ensure customers and prospects enjoy an engaging and unified experience.

Save Time

Connect systems and tools and recover significant savings in time and money through a streamlined approach to content creation, management and delivery.

Personalized communications improve response rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%.
– Aberdeen Group

Connected tools = Better marketing 

Connect Quickly

Achieve results in minutes with easy-to-use pre-built apps.

Scale faster

Speed-up processes, increase productivity and promote innovation.

Optimize Resources

Reduce the number of manual tasks performed by your team.

Access Experts

Get help from a team of experts with deep marketing know-how.

Dominate Data

Improve your database with help from industry-leading providers.

Be Empowered

Reduce reliance on IT with user-friendly connectors.

Build Efficiently

Easily connect to countless other apps, tools and systems.

Feel Secure

Enterprise-class security ensures your customer data is safe.

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