Sureshot Connect

Integrate your stack, orchestrate data, and manage cross-channel campaigns and processes easily with Connect.

workflow-icon WORKFLOWS

Create Compelling Customer Journeys.

Connect simplifies the complexities of creating seamless customer journeys by integrating multiple systems via a workflow engine that triggers the launch of synchronized marketing campaigns.

  • Manage workflows and integrations via a user-friendly interface
  • Drive engagement by triggering real-time campaign touchpoints
  • Monitor the performance of journeys and instantly adjust them

automation-icon automation

Free Marketing Ops Teams From Manual Processes.

Connect takes the hassle out of B2B stacks by seamlessly connecting the tools in your martech stack and ruthlessly eliminating manual processes.

  • Optimize marketing ops with fewer manual processes
  • Enable teams to develop more complex workflows
  • Enhance your martech stack’s performance and ROI

integrate-icon integrate

Experience Instant Integration Gratification.

Connect accommodates a wide variety of integrations, and even allows you to configure integrations to perform specific tasks that do exactly what you want.

  • Scale application integrations according to business needs
  • Create multi-point and point-to-point integrations
  • Perform complex martech integrations with ease
sementation graphic of workflows

data-icon Segmentation

Orchestrate Marketing Data With Precision and Efficiency.

Connect enhances targeting efforts by integrating to disparate data warehouses and enabling marketers with a user-friendly drag-and-drop segmentation interface.

  • Connect data sources using pre-built or custom connectors
  • Empower marketers with a familiar user experience for building segments
  • Ensure the right segment data is available at the right time to the right tool

And More...


Eliminate Manual Processes

Reduce manual tasks by connecting everything in your stack and automating more processes.


Connect Quickly

Achieve results using pre-built integrations that solve challenges quickly and simply.


Streamline Workflows

Increase productivity, enhance efficiency and save time through smarter workflows and processes.


Enhance CX

Conquer the complexities of a unified customer experience with centralized integrations.


Boost Campaign Performance

Ensure data is clean, complete, enriched, and accessible to the right tools at the right time.


Keep Data Secure

Relax knowing industry-leading security ensures your data and customer information is safe.

Ready to Connect Your Martech Stack?

Contact us to learn how you can streamline marketing operations with Connect.


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