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Personalized, Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns.

Build More Rewarding Customer Relationships With Activate.

Sureshot Activate enables your marketing automation system to deliver personalized, no-touch, cross-channel campaigns using content and attribute data from other marketing and sales systems.

Automate Content
at Scale.

Activate allows you to pull content from across your enterprise, organize it into queues that are accessible from a variety of channels, and create personalized campaigns that resonate with customers.

Customize Content

Curate data dynamically from RSS, CMS, CRM and more. Create customer-centric emails featuring content that is hyper-personalized for each recipient.

Increase Visibility

Get in front of customers more often through short, direct and highly targeted messages that pique customer interests and generate clicks.

Boost Content ROI

Extend the lifecycle of your content, save money, and reach a broader audience by repurposing content across channels, from email and SMS, to print and beyond.

Leverage Insights

Increase brand loyalty and reduce churn by monitoring content effectiveness across systems and leveraging data to promote more rewarding interactions.

Enhance Experiences

Leverage content in a centralized queue to create consistent messaging across multiple channels and ensure customers enjoy a unified experience.

Save Time

Connect systems and tools and recover significant savings in time and money through a streamlined approach to content creation, management and delivery.

Personalized communications improve response rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.
– Aberdeen Group


Source content from RSS feeds, databases, tools, platforms and other content marketing resources. Send targeted campaigns that speak to the unique interests of individual customers.


Create dynamic, manual and curated content queues using one or many sources. Automatically add content using simple-to-complex business logic (tags, categories, etc.), or curate content on the fly.


Create dynamic content queues for multiple channels (RSS, SMS, etc.) that personalize content in real-time to ensure you deliver the right message to the right contacts.

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