Connect With Customers. Everywhere.
Deliver Marketing Campaigns On-the-Go With Message.

Mobilize your marketing campaigns and engage prospects and customers with Message, an easy to use SMS and MMS app. Message’s built-in integration with Twilio, a leading mobile communications platform, enables you to automatically send SMS or MMS messages from any program or campaign within Eloqua.

Start Conversations

Message enables you to reach customers on any mobile device with a multimedia message (MMS) that includes images, audio and video, or you can keep it simple with a quick and easy text message (SMS). Interactive by nature, Message enables your recipients to respond to your messages immediately, opening the door for you to have ongoing conversations.

Build Relationships

An effective tool for building rewarding customer relationships, Message allows you to connect with customers on a personal level and share inside information tailored to their interests. There are countless ways to leverage Message to increase brand loyalty, from offering promotions and confirming interests, to soliciting feedback or simply saying thanks.

Support Campaigns

While Message is a powerful app in and of itself, when you use it to support your other marketing channels, such as social and email, engagement with customers increases. Fast and cost-effective, the average person reads a message within 15 minutes of receiving it, making it an ideal channel for sending event updates, sales information and other time-sensitive information.

Key Features

• Add SMS or picture messaging to any automated campaign or program canvas

• Track outbound and inbound messages in a custom object for reporting and segmentation

• Send messages from local area codes, short codes and international numbers

• Create auto-response messages for specific keywords, campaigns and phone numbers

• Personalize outgoing messages with merge data from contacts and custom objects

• Add shortened URLs (, etc) for response tracking and form pre-population

Send SMS or MMS messages to mobile users.

Send messages as part of a campaign canvas.

Create dynamic messages with field merges.

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